Facebook Adds Mozilla Engineer To Staff

Facebook promotes Mozilla engineer to CTO

Facebook has added ex-Mozilla engineer Mike Schroepfer as their CTO.

The latest change from Facebook isn’t on the social media website. It’s in their staff. Facebook has promoted Mike Schroepfer, an ex-Mozilla engineer, as their Chief Technology Officer.

Mozilla is the company behind the popular web browser Firefox, which up until recently, has been the browser of choice for anyone who wants to do something more with their internet. Mozilla also hosts the email application Thunderbird, which hasn’t made many waves in the internet world.

Facebook has undergone several changes over the last few months, including the graph search and their mobile-side messenger upgrades. The latest change to the social media website is a revamped news feed.

Mike Schroepfer is replacing previous CTOs Cory Ondrejka and Mike Vernal, and it is yet uncertain what Facebook has in mind for them. In the current economy, one could speculate that their employment could be in jeopardy.

Facebook believes that with Mike Schroepfer’s impressive experience and expertise, he will be able to improve upon many important aspects of the company’s main money makers. Schroepfer will most likely be able to improve the mobile advertising aspects of Facebook as well as mine data from user information for more effective ads on the main website.

You know those hashtags that get brought over by Twitter tie-in applications? Facebook is looking into using those more effectively in the future, so hashtags won’t be just an annoying waste of space in your news feed any more.

Speaking of Twitter, it seems Facebook is mirroring their efforts in promotion, as Twitter recently promoted Adam Messinger, previously the Vice President of Application Development, to CTO. Twitter is known for being a popular way of promoting a business of any kind, and Facebook seems to be banking on that fact.


Facebook seems to be on its way to a more profitable existence.

What do you think of Facebook promoting an ex-Mozilla engineer to CTO?