WWE Rumors: Superstar Officially Released By The Company After Racial Controversy


If wrestling fans have been paying attention over the last couple of months, they’ve been made aware of a sensitive situation going on with WWE. A superstar by the name of Jordan Myles accused the company of blatant racism after it created a shirt for him which represented “blackface,” according to him. After much back-and-forth, along with strong words, the NXT superstar has now been officially released from his contract.

Weeks ago, Myles hopped on social media to say he “quit f**king WWE” because he refused “to work for racists,” as reported by Sports Illustrated. He also changed his name back to his old ring name of ACH, which are the initials of his real name — Albert Christian Hardie Jr.

ACH was signed by WWE in February and has been working for the NXT brand since coming on board. Back in October, ACH claimed that WWE was racist due to their release of a shirt design for him which resembled blackface. Further, he claims the company is racist.

WWE changed the design of the shirt and also said that Myles had approved of the original design before it was released. That didn’t seem to fly with ACH, who also brought claims of racism against Ring of Honor who he used to work for. But he demanded his release from WWE, and it appears as if it has happened.

On Thursday, ACH posted a picture of himself signing paperwork from WWE granting his release. He also confirmed that he’s now accepting bookings on the independent scene, which seems to confirm he’s no longer under contract to WWE.

According to Ringside News, Myles was actually released last week by WWE, but things needed to be made official. While ACH was released by the promotion, things were not “legally done” and all of the proper channels needed to be taken care of for it to become official.

That happening appeared to take place on Thursday once the paperwork was received and signed. With that being said and done, Jordan Myles appears to no longer exist as he was a part of NXT, and Super ACH has returned to begin wrestling elsewhere.

It has never actually been confirmed by ACH that he approved the shirt design for his character of Jordan Myles in NXT. WWE claims that he was alright with it before it was released, but claims of racism had it pulled and changed. No matter the situation, there will no longer be any merchandise sold for the superstar as he has officially stepped out of the door.