WWE News: Former Superstar Discusses Altercation With Drunken AEW Star


In a recent interview with The Hannibal TV (via YouTube), former WWE superstar Enzo Amore opened up about his reported fight with Joey Janela that took place at a Blink-182 and Lil Wayne concert earlier this year.

As quoted by 411Mania, Amore denied getting in fisticuffs with the All Elite Wrestling star, but he did view the altercation as an opportunity to create some drama and make some money.

“Bottom line is I would never get into a fistfight in a public place in my life. One person was highly intoxicated and the other person was sober and clever and knew what an opportunity looked like, and he seized it. And [t]hat’s exactly what I did. Because if you walk into a public place, in general, and somebody says to you they wanna fight, screams that word at you, and you walk up to them with your fists up because you know they’re gonna back up like a b*tch, you know you’re not going to get into a fight.”

Since the incident took place, the rivalry between both wrestlers has shown no signs of coming to an end. As The Inquisitr reported last month, Amore took shots at Janela after the AEW superstar claimed that Big Cass — Amore’s friend and tag team partner — tried to assault him at an independent show.

Prior to Amore’s criticism, Janela revealed that both of them did bump into each other after the fight and their exchange was civil. Amore reportedly hugged Janela and celebrated the fact that they fooled people into thinking the bad blood was real. Janela responded by claiming that he really did want to fight Amore.

However, Janela has tried to turn their beef into a business opportunity. After the concert, he challenged Amore to a mixed-martial arts contest, but at the time of this writing Amore has yet to accept his proposal.

Amore was fired by WWE in 2018 after sexual assault allegations against him went public. As ESPN notes, the case was closed a few months later with no charges filed, but the negative attention appears to have ruined his chances of returning to WWE.

Since becoming a free agent, he’s pursued a career as a rapper under the alias Real1. His song “Phoenix” addresses some of his real-life drama, including his thoughts on the media and the case that led to his dismissal from WWE.

The superstar still competes on the independent circuit under the name nZo, however, so his in-ring career isn’t over yet.