Halle Berry Teases Fans With Autumnal Instagram Post: ‘Fall Is My Second Favorite F Word’

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Halle Berry got cheeky in one of her recent social media posts. On Wednesday morning, the award-winning actress updated her Instagram page with a gorgeous photo depicting lovely autumnal scenery — but what truly reeled in the engagement was the witty caption. The John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum star showed her playful side by telling fans how much she loves autumn in a very unique way. Proving she certainly has a way with words, Halle remarked that the word “fall” was among her favored f-words, labeling it as her “second favorite.” She added a maple leaf emoji to carry the point across and further underline her love for the fall season.

The playful caption was more than enough to get fans engaged in conversation. People immediately started talking about the topic, as well as the photo itself, with hundreds of comments quickly amassing under the shot.

Plenty of followers agreed with Halle, noting that the word “fall” ranked similarly in their list of f-word preferences. Some had other favorites — and their choices were as funny as they were varied. One person declared “FrenchFries” to be their absolute favorite f-word. Several listed “food” as their go-to option. “Friday” was also on the list, as were “flower,” “family,” and “forgiveness.” “Fulminate” and “factual” also made the cut and were among the more unusual words listed by Halle’s Instagram followers.

However, the question on everyone’s mind was, what was Halle’s top favorite f-word. Many Instagrammers took to the comments section to ask the question in hopes that Halle would grace them with an answer. Some even tried to venture a guess, coming up with all sorts of suggestions.

“What’s your first? Food? Fun? Forlorn? I like the word forlorn. People don’t use it enough…” wrote one person, adding a smile emoji.

“I always knew that you love football,” quipped a second Instagrammer, ending their post with a grinning face emoji.

“The first is FITNESS,” penned a third fan, followed by a flexed biceps emoji and a fire emoji — a nod to Halle’s well-known passion for working out.

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Fall is my second favorite F word ????

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The topic of favorite f-words was not the only one discussed by Halle’s fans. While plenty of followers were drawn to the comments section by the playful caption, others simply appreciated the photo in and of itself. Although Halle was not featured in it, the snapshot was certainly an eye-catching one — and showed a towering tree displaying the rust colors of autumn. The pic was a low-angle shot portraying tree leaves in the full process of senescence, with a focus on the changing colors. Fiery red and amber-colored leaves dominated the shot, with a few green leaves still remaining on a lower branch. A darkening twilight sky completed the picture. One solitary black bird could be spotted in the sky, nearly hidden from sight by the slowly fading foliage.

The image inspired Instagrammers to a discussion about all things fall-related, with many people pointing to autumn as their favorite time of the year. Some detailed their favorite fall activities, such as admiring the changing of the leaves and watching them “float onto a leaf pile.” Others mentioned the sound that crisp leaves make when you step on them, as well as the incredible colors of autumn.

“It’s my favorite season too. I love the change of the leaves. However raking them up is not fun but it is good exercise,” opined one Instagrammer.