Megan Thee Stallion Does Her Own Makeup In New Instagram Photos

Megan Thee Stallion recently posted a series of Instagram photos of herself backstage, looking in the lighted vanity and doing her own makeup.

In the first photo, the glamorously made-up rapper looked in the mirror as she applied a mocha-pink lipstick. Her hair was done up, her eyebrows perfectly arched, and her eyes absolutely popping. She wore a similar shade on her eyelids as her lips -- a stunning rosy champagne color with just a hint of white sparkle in the corner of her eyes. The "Hot Girl Summer" rapper wore a white bathrobe with a hint of a black bra beneath it. She bent down slightly, showing her cleavage.

She fittingly captioned the photo with lyrics from her song "Cocky AF," which is all about self-confidence.

"I love that you do your own makeup! I do too and we are under recognized," Halsey commented on the pictures, adding a crying-laughing emoji.

The second photo once again showed Megan putting on lipstick, this time with her eyes to the ceiling, which made her thick faux eyelashes stand out. The image was made more sultry as she pouted her lips, looking old Hollywood glam as she seemed to channel Marilyn Monroe with the pose, the updo, and the makeup. This picture also showed more of the busy scene behind her, with a stylist working on her hair, a photographer, and a woman in her entourage working in the background.

The third image depicted a black-and-white shot of the rapper gazing into the mirror, holding her hands together. The makeup bag on the vanity was open, ready for her to use its contents. This image gave fans a better look at what she was wearing, as she was standing straighter than in the previous photos.

The fourth picture showed Megan again in a grayscale photo, carefully sculpting her brow using an eyebrow pencil. The rapper appeared to be concentrating super-hard on the task, as she looked in the mirror with an intense gaze and parted her painted lips ever so slightly. Wrapped in the bathrobe, she stared at her eyebrows in the mirror, which made her luxurious, feathery lashes one of the focal points of the picture.

While Megan Thee Stallion is usually made up to the nines -- and rocking any combination of Daisy Dukes and a bra -- she recently shared her natural look on Instagram. Needless to say, she looks gorgeous either way.