Jessica Simpson Thrills Fans With New Pic Of Baby Birdie As She Reflects On ‘Short Mom Problems’


Jessica Simpson says her kids will soon be taller than her. The 39-year-old mom of three shared an adorable new photo of her youngest daughter, baby Birdie Mae, and fans went wild for the sweet pose. But in the caption to the pic, the 5-foot-3 inch singer lamented her “short mom problems,” noting that 8-month-old Birdie is growing like a weed and that soon all of her kids will outgrow her.

In the photo, Jessica who is also mom to daughter Maxie Drew, 7, and son Ace Knute, 6, is crouched down as she holds onto her youngest child in what appears to be the family’s hallway. The busy mom wears casual sweatpants and leopard print animal slippers as she smiles at the camera. Her long blond hair is worn down.

Next to Jessica, a smiley baby Birdie looks adorable in a tan dress and high-top sneakers. The baby girl has an oversized leopard print bow in her hair, which perfectly coordinates with her famous mom’s fuzzy footwear.

In the comment section of the post, many fans noted how cute Birdie is as she hams it up for the camera. But others commiserated with Jessica about how fast kids grow. Some Instagramers told Jessica she has nothing to worry about regarding her height.

“With the heels you wear? NEVER!” one fan pointed out.

“You’re adorable and you do not age!” another wrote. “You’ll look like their sister when they grow up!”

“You look as young as ever and she is gorgeous. Beautiful pic Jessica! Keep doing what you are doing,” a third follower chimed in.

Jessica’s prediction that her kids will outgrow her in height could certainly come true. While she is not considered tall, her husband, former NFL tight end Eric Johnson, at 6-feet, 3 inches, towers over her by a full foot. If the couple’s three kids take after their dad, they might eventually grow much taller than their mom, although probably not by the time they turn 10 as she joked in her caption.

Jessica’s sweet photo of Birdie couldn’t be any more different from the last time fans saw the singer wearing leopard print. Last week, Jessica shared a photo of herself wearing leopard-print pajamas as she was passed out on the couch with her daughter Maxie. At the time, the family had been battling a 10-day stomach bug that included heavy vomiting and super high fevers. It seems like Jessica’s short-mom problems are small potatoes next to that disastrous experience.