Erika Costell Reacts To Jake Paul & Tana Mongeau’s Vegas Wedding

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YouTube influencer Erika Costell was recently interviewed on Tom Ward’s Under the Influence YouTube series, where she had a lot to say about ex-“husband” Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau. Particularly, she talked about the pair’s Las Vegas nuptials and why they still seem to pull out all the stops for views.

When host Tom Ward talked to Costell, 27, she mentioned her own 2018 “fake” Vegas wedding to Paul, 22, and explained that #Jerika (the romantic pairing of her and Paul) had already taken off as its own thing — and gave her a ton of subscribers — before they pretended to get married. They even recorded a song about their relationship, appropriately titled “Jerika.”

“I didn’t think that was going to happen. But ‘Jerika’ or whatever was already a thing in his vlogs, so his audience knew who I was,” she said of the instant increase in her fandom following her relationship with Paul. “So, that really helped, and we also got fake married in Vegas. Sounds a little familiar.”

As fans know, the “sounds a little familiar” line is a direct reference to Paul and Mongeau’s July nuptials (they also wed in Las Vegas, in a lavish, $500,000 ceremony).

The video below contains some NSFW language.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Paul and Mongeau, 21, got engaged in June. After their July 28 wedding date, the two admitted that they did not get legally married. However, they have both felt a piece of paper was not needed in order for their love to be real.

In the Under The Influence video, Costell also revealed that while she used to be involved in controversies in order to rack up views, she doesn’t feel the need to do that anymore. When Ward commented that Paul and Mongeau don’t have to pull publicity stunts for views either, he asked Costell why she thinks they still do it.

“I think they… like the controversy. I think it, like, gets them going…. To each their own, I guess. It’s working,” she said. “And it’s pretty, like — back then, it was nice to always wake up and have instant gratification. And I think what they’re doing is instant. And obviously that feels good to see the numbers and the headlines and all that stuff. But how long can you do that for before it gets old — you know what I mean? It feels like, repetitive. But it’s working, so, whatever.”

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While Costell’s words may seem like shade, it’s worth noting that she seemed pretty upbeat about Mongeau in the interview, and she recently grabbed lunch with Paul, according to Insider. Check out the interview above.