Carrie Underwood Knocks A Few Back With A Good-Looking Guy In Her 'Drinking Alone' Music Video

Carrie Underwood released the music video for her latest single, "Drinking Alone," on Wednesday. The country singer took to Instagram to announce the video's premiere, revealing in the post that it was directed by Randee St. Nicholas.

In the video for the bluesy tune, it first appears that Carrie might be playing dual roles. One of them is a lounge singer performing at a dimly-lit club. It's an intimate setting and there are a few happy couples and small groups of people seated around the small stage. However, unlike the members of the audience, Carrie isn't smiling. She looks a bit depressed as she downs a drink. She looks even more unhappy when a leather-clad mystery man strolls into the club alone.

Carrie's character is performing in the same eye-catching outfit that she's pictured wearing in the single's cover art. It consisted of black hot pants and a bustier top with a sheer bodice. Over these revealing garments, Carrie wore a see-though black jumpsuit adorned with sparkly embellishments. Her outfit also included a black fedora. Carrie's dark eye makeup matched her all-black ensemble, and it also included a bit of glitter that sparkled in the stage lights.

The guy in the video seems to enjoy Carrie's performance. He smiles and air-toasts the passionate singer as she clutches her microphone and croons to the crowd. He also catches Carrie's eye, at which point she strips off her jacket and tosses it aside as he slides into his seat in a booth near the stage.

In other scenes, the male star of the video shows off his dangerous, bad boy side by running his hand back and forth over a silver lighter. He also uses it to burn a photograph of himself and a blond-haired woman snuggling up together, making it obvious that he's nursing a broken heart. He holds the burning picture up in front of his face and smiles as he watches Carrie sing.

Throughout the video, viewers also see shots of the scruffy-faced loner during happier times. He's shown at the same booth with a female partner, who is also played by Carrie. However, her aesthetic is much different than that of the lounge singer. She's clad in a feminine, pink silk dress and she keeps smiling and making eyes at her male love interest as they drink together and sit close to one another.

While Carrie's lounge singer and woman-in-pink seem like they could be different characters, it's eventually revealed that they're the same person when she wears the silk dress with the black fedora from her lounge performance. She also looks forlorn as she holds her former love interest's lighter and partially-burnt photograph. Meanwhile, he's shown leaving the club alone.

After watching the video for "Drinking Alone" on YouTube, many of Carrie's fans responded by letting her know that they still feel like she was robbed of the Entertainer of the Year Award at the CMAs.

"Here is your real Entertainer of the Year 2019," wrote one fan.

"Carrie Underwood is the queen of this generations country blues music. Entertainer Of My Year," another wrote.