Bella Thorne Splashes In A Fountain & Wears A Flower Outfit In Cannabis Brand Ad

In her latest Instagram video, Bella Thorne shared a commercial that she shot for her cannabis brand, Forbidden Flowers.

The ethereal video featured the actress dressed in multi-colored flowers that she wore from head-to-toe, from an entire blossomed headpiece to a long, flowy cape and flowered pants. The flowers bloomed in numerous hues, from peach and carnation shades and ruby-red roses to sunshine yellow and blue-and-lilac tones. While the back of her gown was draped in blossoms, the front was a sheer white, with ivory appliqués covering her chest.

In the Instagram post, Thorne twirled around and ran up stone steps, leaping down the sidewalk in her red stilettos as birds chirped and dreamy, relaxing music played in the background. When she approached a fountain, she reached down and took off her patent leather heels, tossing them on the ground before jumping in the water and splashing around, shooting the camera a silly, wide-eyed grin.

At one point, Thorne pulled out two blue joints from her hand as the camera panned to a shot of Forbidden Flowers boxes, each containing phrases like, “Now close your eyes,” “I don’t work with the odds, I work against them,” and “Some may call it ADD, I call it the signs of a creative mind.” Each box contained different colored rolled-up papers — one blue, one pink, and one red.

When one Instagram user questioned the chemicals in the pre-rolled cones, Thorne replied, “it’s all natural papers bb,” with a heart-eye emoji to follow.

The hazy, sunshine-soaked video also showed Thorne crawling on the side of the fountain and lying down on her side in a bit of a sultry pose. Her makeup palette was made up of pinks and reds. She rocked a scarlet lip and crimson crystals on her inner eye, while a cotton-candy shimmer sparkled on her cheeks.

According to the cannabis brand’s official website, Forbidden Flowers, a collaboration with Glass House, is “a sexy, glamorous + enticing brand that embodies [Thorne’s] creative, captivating + free-spirited personality, while educating her 21.3 million devoted fans + followers on cannabis and how she uses it in her daily life.”

While the FDA has not yet approved cannabis, Thorne recently spoke to Cosmopolitan about why she decided to start the company, her weed use, and how she believes it has helped her mental health issues.

“I just wanted to put another name and face to [cannabis],” she told the magazine. “There are so many health benefits. And this really has been changing people’s lives and changing the medical industry…. It’s helped me so much with anxiety and depression.”

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Thorne is a cannabis user and has often used social media to document her smoking habit.