Duane ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ Chapman Debunks Rumors Of His Death, Proves He’s Still Alive And Well

Scott OlsonGetty Images

Duane Chapman, perhaps better known as “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” is not dead, despite some social media rumors making the rounds. It seems that some reports claiming that Chapman had died started to spread over the past day or so across Facebook, but the reality television star connected with TMZ to prove that he is still kicking.

According to TMZ, the Dog the Bounty Hunter and Dog’s Most Wanted star reached out to them specifically when he discovered that a lot of fans thought he had died. He provided a photo showing him with a current Denver newspaper, along with a handwritten sign expressing that he’s still alive.

In addition to that, Chapman — or someone from his team — addressed some comments on his social media pages about this. On a recent Facebook post, for example, someone asked in the comments section if the Dog the Bounty Hunter star had died, as she had just heard that he had. Duane responded with a simple “no.”

Apparently, the rumors of Chapman’s death took off to such an extent that the reality television star’s own team reached out to him to ensure there was no truth to the story. It seems that Duane had been on his way to a workout when he became aware of the inaccurate rumors. His phone went crazy with notifications, and he pieced things together from there as people scrambled to verify he was still alive and well.

The “reports” about Chapman’s supposed death seemingly detailed that Duane died as a result of his ongoing grief over his wife Beth’s recent death. Dog the Bounty Hunter fans know that her passing a few months ago took a heavy toll on Duane. In fact, he was recently hospitalized and diagnosed with some medical issues that may have been exacerbated by his heartbreak.

Chapman recently opened up and acknowledged that he was in a very rough place his wife’s death. Ultimately, it sounds as if his recent hospitalization provided a critical wake-up call. Since then, it seems the red flags he received about his health gave the Dog’s Most Wanted star a renewed drive to forge forward.

Fans are certainly relieved to see confirmation that Duane Chapman has not died. Beth’s death was heartbreaking for everybody who has followed the family and their shows, and many were devastated to think that the Dog the Bounty Hunter star — Duane himself — may have also passed away.