Brooklyn Beckham’s Ex, ‘Twerk Queen’ Lexy Panterra, Flaunts Abs In Sports Bra Instagram Shot

Amy SussmanGetty Images

Lexy Panterra took to social media on Wednesday morning to show off her stunning physique after she finished her session at the gym. The “Twerk Queen” wore her workout clothes as she snapped a selfie to prove to her fans that she takes her fitness seriously.

The fitness guru looked spectacular in a simple black sports bra that she paired with red cycling pants. The bra showed just a hint of cleavage as its primary function was to support her bust while she exercised. The outfit showed off Panterra’s lean frame, toned arms, and strong abs.

Brooklyn Beckham’s ex wore her long, curly brown hair in loose waves that spilled in careless disarray down her shoulders and back. She didn’t appear to be wearing any makeup and wore minimal jewelry which included a gold chain, bangles, and a pair of white sneakers.

Although the ensemble was totally functional, Panterra still looked hot as she stared directly into the camera. She posed by sitting on an exercise matt and folding her one leg inward. In the background, various pieces of gym equipment can be seen.

The “Twerkout” creator often updates her Instagram to keep her fans happy. Boasting over 2.6 million followers, Panterra has maximized her social media presence so that she can use it as a platform for promoting causes that she’s passionate about.

This particular image has already racked up over 20,000 views. Panterra’s forthright manner, quirky pics, and diabolical sense of humor have endeared her to her millions of fans. Of course, many also know that she perfected the twerk. Some of them even commented on her pic as a way to show their love and appreciation.

One fan teased, “I’m been a fan of u for 4 years and you are the best at what you do Lexy aka Wifey lol.” It seems that Panterra has gradually increased her fan base and that some of her fans are still around years after they started following her on her social media accounts.

Another fan referenced Lexy’s looks, but it wasn’t the usual kind of praise that the dancer is used to. He said, “You look like something happen [sic] or you just woke up but you still look beautiful.”

Panterra first shot to fame as the “Twerk Queen.” She has many fans who are crazy about her dance style and how she made the move popular. But as one fan sadly opined, “Bro you don’t even twerk no more.”

It seems as if Panterra’s fans hold her to a certain standard and that they will call her out when they think that she’s missing the mark. In the meantime, Panterra’s “twerkout” videos still feature her booty-bouncing action.