Kristen Stewart’s Mom Wants Own Fame Apart From ‘Twilight’ Star

Kristen Stewart's mom

Kristen Stewart’s mom doesn’t want to be known in the public eye as “Kristen Stewart’s mom.” She’d rather you get to know her as Jules Stewart, longtime script supervisor and up-and-coming director.

Kristen Stewart has become a bankable star with The Twilight Saga, but her parents have actually been active in Hollywood for years. Dad John is a TV producer and stage manager, while Jules works with scripts, and has eyes on becoming a director. Her debut film K-11 opened on March 15.

K-11 is an exploitation prison film about a record producer who is jailed in the eponymous K-11, a prison wing for homosexual and transgender prisoners.

Jules almost cast her daughter in K-11, but decided against it, probably to distance herself from her daughter career-wise. She admitted to the L.A. Times that she does fear that she was only able to make her movie because of Kristen’s fame.

“It’s extremely frustrating for me, because she’s 22 years old and I’m almost 60,” Jules confessed. “In terms of life experience — hello! — I have it all over her. It’s not like I came out of nowhere.”

Jules also said that she actually helped Kristen break into Hollywood. Though she’s very happy that her daughter has found such success, she wants her own slice of the pie and doesn’t want to be known just as “Kristen Stewart’s mom.”

“To the world, I have no name. I am ‘Mama Stew’ — that’s what they call me, all of her zillions of fans. Or I’m Kristen’s mom; I’m famous for being her mom,” she said. “I have my own career. My own thing going on. And I would hate to think that it’s because of my 22-year-old that I got to direct a movie.”

Fun fact: Stewart’s 27-year-old brother, Cameron, made his acting debut in K-11. Portia Doubleday takes over the role originally intended for Stewart.

“Mama Stew” also has next to nothing to say about her daughter’s recent personal scandals, particularly her cheating scandal with married Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. Stewart still hasn’t fully recovered from the media fallout, but Jules doesn’t find her daughter all that notable in terms of her personal conflicts.


“My daughter is an adult, and she’s perfectly capable of running her own life. Not only did I not want to comment on it, but it’s not my relationship,” Jules said. “She really is not very interesting in terms of conflict. She’s a homebody…. She doesn’t go anywhere because she gets hounded.”

Here’s a trailer for K-11, the debut film from Kristen Stewart’s mom … err … Jules Stewart.