'General Hospital' Spoilers & Rumors Suggest Rebecca Budig's Hayden Is Leaving Port Charles Again Soon

Rebecca Budig returned to the role of Hayden Barnes on General Hospital not long ago, but fans are buzzing over rumors suggesting that she is already leaving the show again. So far, this supposed exit is unconfirmed, however, if true, fans are likely not going to be happy.

When the character of Hayden returned to Port Charles a few months ago, it came with a lot of promise. Viewers knew she had hidden a child from her ex-fiancé Finn and she was quickly linked to Jax and a Cassadine mystery. She reconciled with her sister Elizabeth and now her estranged husband Nikolas is alive and back in town.

Hayden is throwing a wrench into Finn and Anna's engagement, and General Hospital fans could envision a romance for the CFO brewing with someone else in Port Charles too. Unfortunately, there has been some speculation among viewers that the actress is being written out again and this buzz has picked up steam on Twitter this week.

If these General Hospital rumors about Budig leaving are correct, it will surely come as a major shock. Not only has the show finally introduced her daughter Violet, played by the adorable Jophielle Love, during Tuesday's episode, they also showed Hayden moving into Kim's apartment as Kim left town.

Despite all of that, Twitter is buzzing in response to what appears to be a now-deleted tweet from William deVry (Julian Jerome).

Tuesday evening a lot of General Hospital fans tagged both deVry and Budig in tweets detailing their frustration over Hayden leaving. DeVry did share one tweet about Budig in response to a follower's post, but then it seems there was another tweet he has since deleted that referenced the supposed departure of the actress. It doesn't appear that Budig has responded to any of these posts.

Fans immediately pushed back against the idea of Budig leaving and the topic has spread like wildfire across soap Twitter.

One person tweeted a question about Hayden leaving again. Soon after that, deVry seemingly wrote back "Yep," on Twitter.

"What?!? She just got here! That can't be right, Liz needs her sister! Hayden must stay. Please @valentinifrank don't make this mistake AGAIN!!! #Fayden #GH," tweeted another fan in a reply tagging deVry's now-deleted post.

"So it's true she really is leaving. I had heard when she first came on it was only going to be temporary. I guess it must be something that she wants. She will be missed," tweeted another person in the reply thread.

"I'm so angry with @GeneralHospital right now!!! Why won't they put her on contract? Once again they drop an amazing storyline with Hayden out of no where! Clearly they have no respect for what fans want. I'm done with this show," wrote an exasperated viewer in response to Budig's rumored departure.

Someone else replied detailing that Hayden is seemingly leaving this month. However, it is supposedly done in an open-ended way that will allow for a possible return down the road.

General Hospital spoilers from this week's sneak peek on Instagram have hinted that Valentin and Hayden will butt heads and that she will find herself attacked or abducted by someone. Some fans now wonder if this could be the first step in setting up an exit for Hayden where she perhaps leaves town to stay safe from Valentin's potentially dangerous plans.

Is Rebecca Budig really leaving General Hospital and the role of Hayden Barnes again? Is this her choice or a decision made by producers? Spoilers revealing more on this front should emerge soon and fans will be anxious to see this rumor either confirmed or decisively dismissed.