Marie Osmond Sends Birthday Wishes To Daughter Brianna: ‘You’re An Angel’

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Marie Osmond sent out birthday wishes to her daughter Brianna Schwep. In a sweet Instagram post, Osmond called her “an angel” and listed all the attributes that she believes makes her child special.

Brianna is her mother’s makeup artist for her gig on The Talk, where she hosts alongside Sharon Osbourne, Carrie Ann Inaba, Eve, and Sheryl Underwood, and has done so since Marie’s first appearance in September.

Marie previously spoke of her daughter’s talents in an Instagram post back in September.

“Shout-out to the most fabulous #HairAndMakeUpteam I could ever ask for … I love being with my daughter Brianna Schwep, who blesses me every day by doing my makeup.”

Fans chimed right in to wish Brianna happiness on her special day, praising the young woman for her talents as a makeup artist.

“Happy birthday! Your mom’s makeup and outfits are always beautiful!” stated a fan on Instagram.

“Wishing ur daughter a very happy birthday. Hope her day is very special. She is so beautiful!!!! I remember when she was on ur lap at the QVC studio. Time flies by so quickly!!!” exclaimed a second fan on social media of the stunning young woman pictured in the photo below.

“Happy Birthday Brianna! How are you 22 already? You have accomplished so much. Seems like you were just going to get your license now you are a Mom of a beautiful daughter and you get to be your Mom’s makeup artist daily. CONGRATS &have a great bday!” said a third fan of the family.

Brianna is one of eight children of the singer. Her siblings include Stephen, 36, Jessica, 31, Rachael, 30, Brandon, 22, Matthew, 20, Abigail, 17, and Michael, who died in 2010 at the age of 19.

The young woman announced her engagement to David Schwep in November 2018, and one month later, the couple married. Brianna also blessed Marie in May by delivering a daughter, Maude.

Maude endured a health scare shortly after her birth. She remained in the hospital’s NICU for a brief period of time. The hospital where she was received care is a part of the Children’s Miracle Network.

The Children’s Miracle Network was co-founded by Osmond along with country singer and Dukes of Hazzard star John Schneider in 1983. What began as a telethon benefitting pediatric patients has since grown into a network of 170 member hospitals, according to its website.

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Marie is a “Glamma,” as she prefers to be called, to six grandchildren: Stephen Jr., Rocket, Christian, Maxwell, Wolf, and Maude.