Fitness Model Ainsley Rodriguez Sizzles In Skimpy String Bikini For Instagram Post About Her Love For Travel

Ainsley Rodriguez Instagram

Ainsley Rodriguez gave her Instagram followers a treat on Tuesday when she uploaded a photo of herself rocking a skimpy string bikini on the beach that shows of her chiseled six-pack.

In the shared snapshot, the Miami-based Latina fitness model is striking a sultry pose with one knee raised as she leans against a wooden backdrop that looks like a partially obscured lifeguard tower. Her luscious dark tresses have been swept over her right shoulder and she seems to be wearing subtly glamorous eye makeup and pink lipgloss.

But the caption revealed that the post wasn’t just meant to show off her enviable figure. In the lengthy message to her 1.9 million followers, Ainsley talked about the value of traveling and why it’s important to her.

“I know not everyone has the means, time or financial stability to just pick up, leave and travel the world but I can promise you that saving up for experiences over luxurious items is all worth the while!” she wrote.

Ainsley went on to share how the trips she has taken to destinations around the world have enriched her life.

“Once you’re hooked on traveling and understand its true power, you know that looking up at a Mosque in Istanbul or feeling the warm water in the Caribbean out-values any merchandise you could ever possibly purchase,” she continued. “Instead of buying luxurious items, invest in what’s more important to you—seeing places you haven’t been to yet and immersing yourself in new cultures.”

Over 10,000 people have liked the photo so far and more than 450 have commented on it.

Although Ainsley talks extensively about travel in the caption, some of her fans in the comments section couldn’t resist the opportunity to compliment her.

“You are just completely bada**!!!” one fan wrote. Another fan said that this was their favorite photo they’d ever seen of her.

But there were others who resonated with her words about the benefits of seeing the world. One commenter shared their future travel plans, while another reflected on their experiences from trips they’ve taken in the past.

Ainsley also shared her love for travel and adventure in the caption of a previous Instagram post that accompanied a photo of her standing in an ATV on the red sand dunes of Dubai. In the shared snapshot, she was rocking blue leggings and a black long-sleeved crop top. She was also smiling and had one arm raised in apparent celebration, signs that she was having the time of her life when the photo was taken.