UFC Ring Girl Brittney Palmer Sizzles In White Lingerie: 'Tell Me That The Lights Won't Change'

UFC ring girl Brittney Palmer treated her Instagram followers today with a sexy new photo of herself wearing stunning white lingerie.

Palmer shared a series of two pictures of herself wearing a sheer white and lace bustier that had garters hanging from it. She paired the top with white th0ng style underwear. The model's highlighted multidimensional hair hung in soft curls down her back and a few strands framed her face. She posed on a wood floor in front of a large window that let in plenty of light to produce an almost ethereal glow.

In the image, Palmer stood up on the balls of her feet with one leg bent and in front of the other. She placed her hand near her waist, and she looked down with her eyes nearly closed, and her mouth slightly opened. The pose showed off the UFC octagon girl's incredibly toned legs, curvy backside, and shapely shoulders.

The second photograph in the series was a stunning black and white copy of the first. Photographer Richelle Monae received the photo credits for both pictures.

In the caption, Palmer referenced the light with song lyrics from Flight Facilities' song featuring Christine Hoberg "Clair De Lune," and her followers instantly expressed their delight with her sexy share. In a few hours, more than 16,000 Instagram users hit the "like" button to show their support for the brunette beauty's latest post. Plus, almost 300 of the model's fans took the time to write out a special message to leave her in the comments.

"Brittney, I would love to get an autographed picture from you. That would be awesome," requested one fan of the gorgeous look.

"Beautiful, you are a delightful woman. Totally seductive. I adore you, my beautiful princess. Kisses. I wish you, my love, you're my beautiful princess Kisses," another Instagram user gushed.

"Invisible heels make the leg muscles look great," praised a third.

Some fans spoke out about their favorite between the color photo and the black and white. While many loved the color image, plenty loved the alternative.

"That black and white is the better of the two pictures, in my opinion. Both are hot, but B&W," commented another fan.

Nearly every person who commented agreed that the look was fire, and a large number of people who left comments included the fire emoji along with hearts and smilies with heart eyes.

The Inquisitr previously reported on another photoshoot from Palmer, where she showed off her toned midsection by lifting a white t-shirt.