Cuban Model Cindy Prado Arches Her Back On A Horse For Sexy New Bikini Photo

Cindy Prado Instagram

Cuban bombshell Cindy Prado is showing off her balancing skills in the latest photo on her Instagram page. In the shared snapshot, the Miami-based stunner is rocking a patterned string bikini as she lays down on the back of a horse. Cindy’s spine is sultrily arched in the photo, mirroring the curve of the horse’s body. She and the animal are on the beach, where a gorgeous seascape is visible in the background. According to the geotag on the post, the photo was taken in Turks And Caicos Islands.

In the caption, the model revealed that the pose wasn’t as easy as she makes it seem in the image.

“Not an easy task balancing off a moving horse spine while arching your back,” she wrote.

In the caption, she also disclosed that the swimsuit is from a company called Luli Fam Swimwear. While she didn’t name the design in her caption, a glance at the brand’s Instagram page shows that she is rocking their Luli’s Jungle bikini. The skimpy two-piece features a flattering mix of a floral print and an animal print. The top and bottoms are sold separately and each retail for $90.

In the comments, fans marveled at the stunning photo. But although Cindy is meant to be the center of attention, more than one commenter remarked about the size of the horse.

“That’s a damn big horse,” one fan wrote. “With of course a very pretty girl on top.”

Most of her fans seemed entranced by Cindy’s beauty, though.

‘”Incredibly Sensual and Beautiful!” another Instagram user added. “Breathtaking!”

“You are stunning and this is one beautiful photograph should be framed magazine cover,” a third follower wrote.

Other commenters seemed amazed by the fact that she’s balancing on the horse.

“Skills!” a fourth person simply quipped.

This isn’t the first time that a horse has popped up in one of Cindy’s Instagram posts. In a previous photo series, she was standing alongside a gray horse on a gravel path while wearing a gray bikini with skimpy high-cut briefs. She accessorized the outfit with a black hat, shiny black boots and a jacket tied around her hips.

“Got the boots that’s black to match,” she wrote in the caption.

In the caption, she also revealed that both the bikini and jacket are from White Fox Boutique, a company whose clothes she’s worn in a number of her previous posts. The photo has been liked more than 15,000 times, and more than 250 people have commented on it.