Heidi Klum Goes Topless In Tight Jeans On Instagram

Heidi Klum shared a brand new Instagram update today, and it showed her going topless in a pair of jeans. In the light sepia-toned image, she stood indoors on top of a rug with a geometric design and angled her back to the camera. The stunner smiled and glanced over her right shoulder as she bent her elbows and placed her hands in front of her. She was wearing skintight jeans that were cropped by her ankles, completing the look with a pair of heels. Thanks to the angle of the photo, she flashed a bit of her chest in the shot, but it was otherwise censored.

The former Project Runway host wore her hair down behind her back. Her locks had soft waves, and her highlights popped. Beside Heidi, there was a man crouching down to adjust her shoes, who propped up his left knee while glancing down at the model's right foot. He wore a long-sleeved shirt and baggy pants and a pair of white sneakers.

To the right side of the frame was a shoe rack, which was filled with a variety of heels. It was placed in front of an open doorway. Behind the supermodel was a large arched doorway with clothing racks and a room divider in the adjacent room. There were many rolling racks that filled the space, with pieces in a variety of colors and patterns. A track light was mounted to the ceiling, lighting up the white room. The floor, meanwhile, appeared to be made of wood paneling. It appeared as though Heidi may have been at a photo shoot, or perhaps she was out shopping.

Fans gushed about the blonde in the comments section.

"Takes a strong man to avert his eyes away from that beauty," gushed a follower.

"Sooooo hot," said an admirer.

Others responded to the captions.

"Mule is old school, and you have amazing feet," suggested a fan.

"Pump definitely!!!!" exclaimed a fourth Instagram user.

Prior to the new post, the bombshell shared another topless update late last month. With elaborate curtains in the background, she posed in a bed with sheets covering her chest while she rocked a witch's hat that read "Moschino" in all-caps. Heidi's eyes were mostly obscured by the brim while she smiled with her lips closed. Someone's hand could be seen reaching towards the model in the bottom left of the frame -- this was likely her husband, Tom Kaulitz.