November 19, 2019
FBI Reportedly Investigating Possibility Of 'Criminal Enterprise' Connected To Jeffrey Epstein's Death

Two of the correctional officers responsible for guarding convicted sex offender and accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City were arrested on Tuesday morning. Per The Daily Mail, Trevor Noel and Michael Thomas pleaded not guilty to charges that they falsified records to hide the fact that they didn't check on Epstein.

The arrests came the same day that Bureau of Prisons director Kathleen Hawk Sawyer testified before a Senate Judiciary Committee and said that the FBI was investigating the possibility of a "criminal enterprise" connected to Epstein's death.

Sawyer was pressed during her testimony as to how such a high-profile prisoner could be allowed to take his own life.

"With a case this high-profile, there's got to be major malfunction in the system or a criminal enterprise afoot to allow this to happen. So are you looking at both? Is the FBI looking at both?" asked committee chair Sen. Lindsey Graham, per The New York Post.

"If the FBI is involved, then they are looking at criminal enterprise, yes," Sawyer responded.

Although Epstein's death was ruled a suicide by New York City Medical Examiner Dr. Barbara Sampson, theories continue to swirl that the disgraced financier was murdered.

"Do you concur with the opinion that it was a suicide?" Graham asked Sawyer.

"That was the finding of the coroner, sir," she said.

When Graham pressed Sawyer if she has evidence to suggest otherwise, Sawyer said she did not, adding that she is not permitted to speak about the specifics of the case due to an ongoing investigation by the FBI and Office of the Inspector General.

As The Inquisitr reported, the Department of Justice reportedly has video footage taken outside of Epstein's cell on the night of his death. In the alleged footage, nobody enters Epstein's cell for almost eight hours before his body was discovered on the morning of August 10, which appears to contradict theories that Epstein was murdered.

Regardless, Epstein's brother, Mark, believes that there are too many suspicious circumstances around the convicted sex offender's death to rule out homicide. In addition, autopsy files provided to FOX News revealed that Epstein had mysterious injuries on his wrists and shoulder.

"Those are unexplained. Was he handcuffed and struggled? Was someone holding his wrists? The marks on his wrist are unexplained," Mark said.

According to Mark, he has yet to receive the evidence that shows how investigators ruled out the possibility that Epstein was murdered. He is reportedly waiting to receive information on how the bone fractures discovered in Epstein's neck could have resulted from the "soft hanging" believed to be caused by his suicide.

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