Larsa Pippen Flaunts Physique In Blue While Doing Pelvic Thrusts At The Gym: ‘Earned Not given’

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Larsa Pippen shared another workout video of herself wearing a gorgeous blue sports bra and high waisted leggings. Previously, The Inquisitr reported that the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star wore the outfit in a video featuring an arm workout. This most recent video showcased Pippen as she worked on her backside and her core.

In the video, Pippen, 45, showed off her strength. The mother of four was strapped into a machine at the gym that allowed her to do barbell pelvic thrusts. She wore black weight gloves that revealed her light manicured fingernails. The workout showed off the reality TV star’s toned arms and shoulders, as well as a hint of sideboob and cleavage.

For the workout, Pippen, who is the ex-wife of former NBA star Scottie Pippen, held onto the top of the weight bench, braced her feet against the footplate and slowly lifted and lowered her hips several times while controlling her breathing. As she fully extended, Pippen’s flat stomach took center stage. In the background, an upbeat rap song played.

The videographer started filming at Pippen’s head and slowly moved around her, showing her working out from several different angles. In the background, various weight machines, other workout equipment, a TV and a small kitchenette were visible.

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Earned not given

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In the comments, Pippen stated that her body is earned, and it wasn’t just given to her.

During the first hour after Pippen posted the workout video, her Instagram followers gave her some love. Almost 15,000 users viewed the clip, and dozens of fans also took the time to leave a reply in the comment section, praising the mom for keeping herself in top shape. Many also expressed that they felt the look, the workout and the video was fire and left several flame emoji.

“Way to go, Larsa! You’ve always amazed me with your energy!!” gushed a fan who also added a heart emoji.

“We need a YouTube video, Larsa! I love your workouts,” another follower suggested.

At least one follower doubted if Pippen’s body was earned.

“Definitely surgically given, face, AND body,” wrote the Instagram user.

One fan even asked about Pippen’s ancestry.

“Is your mom from the Middle East?” the follower asked.

“Yes, from Lebanon,” Pippen replied.

In her Instagram story, Pippen posted a picture of herself with her friend, Kourtney Kardashian, wearing some fun sunglasses. Pippen wrote across the image that the Candy Land birthday was super sweet.