Model Negin Mirsalehi Is Sizzling Hot In Red Bikini

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Famous blogger, model and YouTuber Negin Mirsalehi is a total smokeshow in a sizzling new photo of the model in a form-fitting red bikini at the beach.

In the capture, Negin’s voluminous and luxurious chestnut curls are swept over her left shoulder, coming to rest on top of her breast. The stunner is seen gently tugging the strands of her red bottoms upwards so fans can get a full view of her perfectly toned thighs.

As if that weren’t enough to tease her 5.6 million followers, Negin’s bikini top also shows off a glorious amount of cleavage. The beauty is wearing a necklace with two small pendants that immediately draw the eye to the upper region of her chest.

Negin works hard to keep her body in tip-top physical shape, and the fruits of her labor are put on a stunning display in this new photo. It’s impossible for fans’ eyes not to wander over the tawny expanse of her exceptionally toned stomach with her abs on display.

The ravishing brunette is standing on a picturesque beach in Malibu, California, according to the photo’s geotag. The only form of cover-up she has with her is a white shirt but instead of hiding her exquisite physical form, Negin has opted to let it drape behind her and further accentuate the modelesque nature of the photo.

Negin’s latest Instagram update was published a few hours ago, and since then, her fans have piled into the comment section with over 600 comments. Her adoring legion of followers has further expressed their adoration over Negin’s latest photo by liking it more than 130,000 times.

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Guess the time of day.... ????

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Many of her commenters were rendered speechless by the jaw-dropping image, opting for flame and heart-eyes emoji instead of words. However, some fans did manage to find something to say about it.

“How often do you workout. Like whaaaat!?!?” said one flabbergasted fan.

“You are so beautiful Negin! You are my model,” gushed another fan.

At least one commenter couldn’t believe how incredible Negin’s hair looks as it catches the golden hour of sunlight. The fan stated, “Omg!!! Obsessed with your hair.”

“Cali sunset o’clock! Looking fab as always,” exclaimed a fourth user.

Before posting the shot that flaunts her body from head-to-toe, Negin shared a close-up selfie in the same outfit.

The older photo shows wild waves of the model’s hair framing her face on either side. She is wearing a brown hat to block the incoming rays from the sun and is showing a fair amount of cleavage, although it is harder to see due to the shadows.

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You know me ????

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