Jill Duggar Grosses Instagram Out By Revealing Her Son’s Latest Shenanigan Involving The Toilet

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Jill Duggar seems to have her hands full with her two boys at the moment. The former reality star has been sharing her parenting woes on social media for all to see, and her fans have been empathizing with her. Her most recent postings were all about her 2-year-old son, Samuel, and his infatuation with the toilet. And, one of them seemed to be a little tough for her fans to swallow.

The mom of two is not shy about sharing the troubles that her boys get into. On Monday, Jill explained to her 1.6 million Instagram followers that her youngest child got into the bathroom and attempted to unroll every last bit of toilet paper off of the roll so that he could use the “trumpet.” He apparently thinks that the cardboard roll is pretty cool and has a creative use for it. Jill snapped a picture of Sam sitting on a stool right beside the toilet playing his musical instrument.

However, that wasn’t the worst part of Jill’s Monday. Jill also shared an Instagram story that grossed out some of her followers. In it, she explained that Sam came out of the bathroom with his little bag of cereal in hand and a blue spoon. She somehow discovered that her son had decided to dip that spoon into the toilet first and then eat his cereal with it.

Jill posted an up-close snapshot of the plastic bag with some toilet water mixed in. There were a few leftover cereal pieces floating in it. While many fans laughed with her and told Jill that they also have kids that have their own bathroom shenanigans, others were totally grossed out.

“I’m seriously gagging about him eating cereal with toilet water on it. That’s so nasty,” one person wrote.

Another fan didn’t think it was funny at all that Jill’s son dipped his spoon into the toilet water.

Jill has expressed her frustrations about the troubles her boys have caused recently. In the past few weeks, both Israel and Samuel have wreaked havoc in the kitchen and wrote on the walls of their new home. They also put their hands into the outside grill while their parents weren’t looking and used the leftover charcoal as sidewalk chalk on the outside patio.

Jill did have a kid-free weekend a few days ago, which she mentioned enjoying. Her mother-in-law watched the boys while she had some weekend fun with her husband, Derick, and hung out with friends. Now, she is back to running after her cute, but rambunctious little guys.