Emily Ratajkowski Owns Her Sex Symbol Status While Breaking Down The Pros & Cons Of That Label

Pascal Le SegretainGetty Images

Emily Ratajkowski recently chatted with Ashley Graham about what it means to be a sex symbol and how that works to her advantage as well as to her disadvantage. The two models sat down for a serious session recorded for Ashley’s Pretty Big Deal podcast, part of which was repeated as a two-part Instagram post on EmRata’s social media feed.

For the interview, Emily rocked a mustard-colored tank dress paired with knee-high snakeskin boots. She wore her brown hair down and straight while parted in the middle, with some locks hitting at bust level. Her face of makeup included groomed and darkened brows, black mascara, black eyeliner on both the top and bottom lids, nude-colored lipstick, blush, and a bit of highlighter.

Her interviewer wore a brick-colored sweater, featuring short sleeves, over a matching dress subtly accommodating Ashley’s growing pregnancy belly. Like Em, she also wore her dark hair parted in the middle. To up her bling factor, she rocked several gold earrings.

The two models were extremely candid during the interview. Ashley told Emily that she realized her companion has “always been known as a sexy girl. But, have you used [that] as a superpower?” she asked.

“I think I have a real complicated relationship to being sexy,” Emily responded, before explaining her answer more fully.

“I have definitely found incredible power in it…in feeling good and powerful in my body. I also think there is another side of me that is like every woman… I am so much more than just that.”

Emily went on to talk about how rampant sexism is during the second video on Tuesday’s Instagram post. She pointed out that if a woman does present herself as being sexy then many “assume there’s nothing else there.”

“We cannot teach girls that if they want to be smart, they have to shut off that other parts of themselves. They should be able to celebrate their bodies and feel good.”

Emily’s post proved popular with her 24.6 million followers. She received more than 400 comments from fans and followers within an hour of her two-video upload being shared. Many admirers added all different kinds of emoji, including clapping hands, heart-faces, pink hearts, flames, and clinking champagne glasses to the post. Beyond that, many commenters used words to express their approval.

“Two beautiful ladies had a great conversation,” gushed one fan, who added a double pink heart emoji.

“Fabulous and amazing woman u are,” stated another follower.

While Emily and Ashley talked while inside a studio for their recent interview about sex appeal, the interviewee is typically photographed at home while posing for her many Instagram posts.