Selena Gomez & Bella Hadid's Instagram Drama Is Not What It Looks Like

Selena Gomez has revealed the truth behind her comments about Bella Hadid's Instagram photo.

According to ELLE, the drama started over the weekend after Gomez left a comment on an Instagram photo of Hadid, writing, "Stunning," along with a heart-eye emoji. Hadid deleted the image, which made Gomez's fans think the model did so out of spite. When one Gomez fan account posted an article about the story, a user commented, "She's all about supporting women. You all just can't take it nicely. BTW Ms. Hadid deleted the post." Gomez, in turn, replied, "That sucks," with a crying emoji.

However, the "Lose You To Love Me" singer apologized for her quick response and urged fans not to hate on Hadid.

"I shouldn't of spoken without knowing the truth. I'm sorry," Gomez wrote. "Please don't be hurtful. She is a wonderful person, and it was all a misunderstanding."

TMZ reported that the model reached out to Gomez over the weekend to ensure that there was no feud between them, and the two had a long conversation. Moreover, Hadid reportedly explained to Gomez that she wasn't throwing shade at her with the deletion of the post. She said she only deleted the picture because she didn't like it.

It's been an up-and-down relationship for the two, who both famously dated The Weeknd and have had a pattern of following and unfollowing each other on Instagram.

Hadid, who currently appears to be with the "Can't Feel My Face" singer, first got together with The Weeknd at Coachella in April 2015 and frequently captured their sweet moments on Instagram. They first called it quits in November 2016. Just two months later, in January 2017, The Weeknd started dating Gomez. In March of that year, both singers unfollowed Hadid on Instagram and Hadid unfollowed Gomez.

However, Gomez and The Weeknd's relationship was not meant to be and the couple split in October 2017 after dating for 10 months. In May 2018, Hadid and The Weeknd were officially back on, however, in August 2019, it was clear that the couple had split again. Still, the two seemed to have reconciled this past October. As The Inquisitr recently reported, The Weeknd attended Hadid's 23rd birthday party. While Hadid's mom insisted that the two were just friends, it may be something more.

In May 2019, Hadid showed her support for Gomez, liking one of her pictures, and in November 2019, Gomez followed Hadid on Instagram, which is where the "stunning" comment stemmed from. As Gomez made clear, there is no drama between the two women. They simply had a misunderstanding that was quickly cleared up.