Charly Jordan Causes A Stir With A Cheeky Instagram Video

Presley AnnGetty Images

Model and Instagram influencer Charly Jordan is starting a week filled with bikini photoshoots, and she gave her followers a sneak peek at what’s ahead via a new Instagram post. The 20-year-old blond bombshell shared some rather personal details in admitting that this trip isn’t getting off to quite the start she envisioned. However, she clearly isn’t going to let anything dampen her enthusiasm for the project she is doing.

Jordan’s Tuesday Instagram post revealed that she is at the Wymara Resort in Turks and Caicos, and she is excited to be back in the area. Charly explained that the other time she visited the islands was two years ago when she went to help in the aftermath of a devastating hurricane.

This time, Jordan is ready to flaunt her insane figure in some bikinis. Charly admitted that she did face one hiccup in starting this trip though. The model joked with her female followers that starting one’s period right as a week of photoshoots like this begins is not great.

Despite that, Charly threw on a revealing blue bikini and wasted little time in strutting her stuff. The video she shared initially showed her pulling back curtains in her room and stepping onto a patio facing the ocean.

Initially, Charly was walking away from the camera. The model’s long, blond hair hung down her back, and she tousled her locks as she slowly walked to the railing of the patio.

Jordan was wearing a minuscule blue bikini that barely covered her pert derriere. The model oozed with confidence as she flaunted her booty, and then she turned back toward the camera and did a little shimmy and dance. During her brief shimmy, her insane abs were on full display, and she treated her fans to a peek of cleavage as well.

Charly’s Instagram followers were quick to show their love for this seductive clip. Within just a few hours, Jordan’s 2.5 million fans had viewed the video nearly 265,000 times. In addition, almost 125,000 people liked the post and more than 600 comments were posted.

As her fans know, Carly is no stranger to showing off her curvy backside while wearing a bikini and strutting her stuff in a video. Not long ago, she teased an especially sexy project she was working on with fellow American model Rachel Cook, and fans went wild over that clip, too.

It sounds as if Charly’s trip is just getting started, and she will surely be sharing additional updates as the week continues. Given the intense reaction to this new post, there is little doubt that the model’s followers will be quite anxious to see more.