Tamara Braun Shares 'General Hospital' Spoilers Pinpointing Last Episode As Dr. Kim Nero

Tamara Braun's exit from General Hospital is on the horizon. The actress recently confirmed that she was leaving the role of Dr. Kim Nero, and now she has given her fans a heads-up about when her last episode airs.

Rumors had been swirling for a while about Braun leaving General Hospital. She recently revealed at a fan event, as well as via some social media comments, that the rumors were true. Fans had a hunch that the last scenes involving Kim would air soon, which has now been confirmed.

On Monday, Braun shared a photo via her Instagram page about her departure. She thanked all of the General Hospital fans for their love and support while indicating that Monday's episode would be her last.

However, this ended up confusing some General Hospital fans. Spoilers have noted that Kim would share some scenes with Rebecca Budig's Hayden Barnes before departing Port Charles. That didn't happen during Monday's show. Today, Braun shared another update, telling fans of Kim to tune in one more time to catch her on screen.

Some fans have wondered if Braun was a day off due to the schedule shift that came last week during the televised impeachment hearings. Sure enough, her latest post confirmed that she was off by a day due to Wednesday's show being pushed out a day.

If General Hospital airs on Tuesday as scheduled, viewers will see Kim and Hayden interact. While some fans might anticipate that this will be a contentious interaction, given Hayden's connection to Elizabeth Webber Baldwin, spoilers suggest that may not be the case.

It appears that Hayden may end up moving into Kim's place, and Kim will seemingly wish her well. After that, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Kim will leave Port Charles on her own, quite heartbroken, with no plans to return.

It is possible that ABC will end up moving Tuesday's show due to the ongoing impeachment hearings. A post via the show's Instagram page explained that they have been monitoring the hearings and how they might impact various time zones. They promised to provide updates if any scheduling changes are made.

Whether it happens on Tuesday or it is pushed out, General Hospital fans can now watch the next show knowing that it contains Braun's last scenes as Kim, at least for now. The door will be left open for a possible return down the road, but — at least for now — it seems unlikely there will be a reason to go that route.