Kaley Cuoco Wraps Herself In A Comforter On Set In New York

Randy ShropshireGetty Images

Kaley Cuoco got comfortable on the set of her new film in New York, assuring her Instagram followers that she is fine despite her early morning calls for the movie.

The Big Bang Theory actress is working on a movie called The Flight Attendant and she hasn’t been shy about sharing her struggles with the early mornings she’s experienced lately. This morning on her Instagram story, Cuoco shared a picture of herself wrapped from neck to toe in a thick, navy blue comforter with a gray lining. Her long blond hair hung over her shoulders in waves and what looked like brown, Ugg-style boots were visible on her feet. In the background, several other people dressed in warm layers along with various types of luggage could be seen, which may be part of the movie since presumably there are travelers in it given its name.

The look on Cuoco’s face did not match the words she wrote on top of the image, though.

“You guys, I’m fine. Seriously, I’m fine,” she wrote across the still with white letters on a light blue background.

However, the look on the actress’s face suggested that she was anything but fine. Cuoco had an expression on her face that suggested she was entirely over it. While the actress is struggling no longer being on a sitcom and starting work earlier than she’s used to, she’s faithfully chronicled showing up and filming for her fans on Instagram.

Both in her Instagram stories and on her feed, Cuoco has shown off what life is like now that she’s no longer on The Big Bang Theory soundstage. It appears that in addition to being tired, the actress is also much colder, with several of her behind-the-scenes snaps showing her bundled up in various ways. Today may be the first time she’s wrapped herself in a cozy comforter, however.

In addition to sharing the picture, letting her fans know how fine she is these days, Cuoco also shared a tip with her followers this morning. Before she went to work, Cuoco shared videos of herself wearing a red and black plaid robe with her hair wrapped up in a white towel. The actress revealed that waking up so early leaves her with seriously red eyes. To help combat that, she shared an unpaid advertisement for Lumify eye drops. According to Cuoco, one drop keeps her eyes free of red for an entire day.

Since Cuoco has given her fans such insight into what goes on behind the scenes at the movie, perhaps when they see it, they’ll have more appreciation for all the hard work that went into making the film.