Donald Trump May Have Unaddressed ‘Neurological Issues’ Says Former White House Physician

Mark WilsonGetty Images

In the wake of Donald Trump’s surprise visit to the hospital last weekend, a former White House physician suggested that the president may be suffering from an undiagnosed neurological condition. According to Mediaite, Dr. David Scheiner noted Trump’s visit to Walter Reade Hospital doesn’t appear to have been an emergency, but he does believe it was likely an urgent matter that needs to be addressed.

Dr. Scheiner was speaking with Erin Burnett on CNN’s Upfront about the hospital visit, which the White House has described as a “routine, planned interim checkup,” according to a separate report from Mediaite. Dr. Scheiner dismissed the White House’s explanation as “balderdash.”

While Donald Trump’s White House physician Sean Conley said the unscheduled visit was routine and wasn’t for chest pain or neurological issues, Dr. Scheiner is skeptical.

“Maybe he had chest pain,” he suggested. “Maybe he had some neurologic — I think he is someone who has some neurological issues which no one has ever really addressed.”

Dr. Scheiner went on to say that he has noticed signs of a neurological issue for a while and believes the president should get the issue looked at — whether the visit last weekend was related to that or not.

“He is having trouble word-finding when he said united shush instead of the United States. These are words, he can’t find them,” Schneider noted. “This is happening over and over again. Comedians joke about it. It’s not a joking matter. I think there’s a neurological issue that’s not being addressed. If he had an MRI of his head over there, I would be very pleased. I think he needs it.”

Dr. Scheiner, who served as former President Barack Obama’s primary physician for his two terms, does not appear to be making his statement based on first-hand knowledge. Instead, it appears as though his hypothesis is based on television appearances in which Trump has slurred or mispronounced words during press conferences.

The president’s unscheduled visit to the hospital has prompted rumors, conjecture, and speculation about the purpose for his visit. White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham released the statement from Sean Conley after Dr. Scheiner made his suggestion, likely — in part — to put to rest some of the rumors swirling around the hospital stay.

The statement explained that Trump’s visit wasn’t previously announced because scheduling concerns had left the timing up in the air. It also said that the president did a short tour of the hospital after his examination.