Hannah Brown Addresses Romance Rumors After ‘Babe’ Comment With ‘DWTS’ Partner Alan Bersten

Frank MicelottaABC

Ever since Dancing with the Stars announced that The Bachelorette star Hannah Brown would partner with Alan Bersten this fall on Season 28, fans have been looking for signs of a romantic relationship brewing between them. Now, after Hannah incorporated a mention of the pet name “babe” in a recent video clip about her partner, she’s trying to dismiss romance rumors once again.

Hollywood Life notes that DWTS fans noticed some “babe” references between Alan and Hannah during a recent Instagram Live video. The outlet asked Hannah about this after Monday’s show, but it seems the reality star had not even realized she had said it.

Regardless, Hannah insisted that the two referencing one another as “babe” was nothing more than a reflection of the close friendship they have formed by working together on DWTS.

“We are, like, so close at this point. So he could say anything and I would be like…whatever! We’re just really at that point where we’ve spent every day together and he’s had to become my best friend,” Hannah explained.

As Life & Style details, the portion of the Instagram Live clip that sent DWTS fans into a frenzy came when Hannah joked about how she and Alan sometimes are frustrated with one another. She mentioned that he’d give her a “Babe, no” sometimes during moments of annoyance between them. Apparently, she said it in such a casual way that she didn’t even realize she’d said it while fans immediately went crazy over it.

Alan and Hannah looked quite close when they attended the CMA Awards together last weekend and they have seemed almost inseparable since they began their Dancing with the Stars training. For his part, Alan admitted that they have a deep level of trust, but there is nothing beyond friendship between them.

Hannah insisted that her connection to Alan was “intimate, almost, without being romantic.”

Apparently, Alan agreed with Hannah’s description of their very close relationship.

This isn’t the first time Hannah has had to deny rumors of a romance with Alan. It certainly would have been easy for the Dancing with the Stars partners to play up the connection between them and plenty of fans likely would have eaten it up.

However, the two have avoided leaning into the buzz and have repeatedly said they are nothing more than friends.

Hannah and Alan have landed a spot in next week’s Season 28 finale and their fans think they are in a great position to take home the mirror-ball trophy. Even if a romance truly has not sparked between the two partners, it appears that a deep bond has developed and fans seemingly love it.