‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Lisa Vanderpump Refuses To Unblock Kristen Doute On Twitter

Karlolina WojtasikBravo

Lisa Vanderpump has blocked Kristen Doute on Twitter and is refusing to unblock her.

According to a report from Us Weekly magazine, the Vanderpump Rules stars appeared alongside one another at a show panel during BravoCon over the weekend in New York City. While there, Doute requested that her former boss unblock her on Twitter.

“No,” Vanderpump replied.

According to Vanderpump, she won’t be unblocking Doute on Twitter, nor will she unblock her phone number.

“You’re relentless,” she explained.

Vanderpump and Doute have never had a great relationship, and after Vanderpump was forced to fire Doute after she went on a profanity-filled rant against the SUR Restaurant manager, things between them got even worse. In fact, after Doute lost her waitressing gig at Vanderpump’s restaurant, many believed she would ultimately be cut from her role on Vanderpump Rules.

Although there have been many rumors suggesting Doute could be fired from the series, she has remained on the show long after her firing from SUR Restaurant. She also continues to be the focal point of the drama between her co-stars. Most recently, Doute found herself at odds not only with Vanderpump, but also her former best friends, Stassi Schroeder and Katie Maloney.

When Vanderpump Rules Season 8 begins airing, fans will learn what led to the falling out between Doute, Schroeder, and Maloney. They’ll also likely see a lot more of Vanderpump due to the fact that she is no longer filming for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Vanderpump didn’t diss Doute just once at BravoCon. She actually dissed her twice. First, she took aim at her longtime co-star during a chat with Us Weekly magazine. At that point, Vanderpump said that Doute needs to “evolve a little more” and claimed she’s tired of going “around and around in circles” with her former employee.

Vanderpump then explained to the magazine that when it comes to appearing on a reality show with several co-stars, no one is ever going to get along with everyone they are starring alongside.

“It’s difficult. It’s challenging to be on reality television. But yeah, some you just kind of gel with and some, you don’t,” Vanderpump explained. “[Doute] kind of always made everything more complicated for me, which wasn’t easy, when somebody is working with you.”

While the tension between Vanderpump and Doute appeared to settle a bit last year, Vanderpump’s latest statements seem to hint that they are far from a friendship.