Mel B Talks Dating Women & The Five-Year Relationship She Had With Ex-Girlfriend

Mel B has always been open about dating both sexes and has discussed on her podcast, The Truth Flirts, what she feels the difference is between men and women when it comes to relationships. On the fifth episode, she used her five-year relationship with a woman as an example, per Music News.

Mel admitted that her relationship with Christine Crokos was “really beautiful” and that they hardly ever argued.

“I do think that dating women is very different to dating men…” she said.

“I had a five-year relationship with a woman and it was an intense five years but it was actually a really beautiful five years,” the “Feel So Good” hitmaker continued.

“We barely kind of argued because we both thought the same, wanted the same out of life. It was really interesting when I actually compare it to my other relationships.”

When talking about first dates, Mel admitted that looks are important for initial impressions because it’s the first thing you see.

The 44-year-old got real and said she prefers to watch lesbian porn because she believes it’s more sensual.

“Lesbian porn is more sensual, I think anyway. It’s nicer and kinder,” the “Who Do You Think You Are” chart-topper remarked.

The Spice Girl has three daughters — Phoenix Chi Gulzar, Angel Murphy Brown, and Madison Brown Belafonte — with three different fathers. Her oldest, Phoenix, 20, had the sex talk with her mom when she was 16.

Mel recently admitted that she found it “cringey” when she explained it to her but was very to the point on the subject.

“We spoke about contraception thoroughly, about condoms, what happens when you don’t use a condom, which I think terrified her.”

In a different episode, Mel expressed that she’s a little scared to start dating again after her relationship with her reportedly abusive ex-husband, Stephen Belafonte.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she accused Belafonte of controlling her for many years and coming between her and her family.

Mel stated that she’s currently single after always being in long-term relationships and is unsure whether that’s a good thing or not.

Last year, she released a Sunday Times bestselling memoir, Brutally Honest, to discuss her life, including the 10-year struggle of her recent marriage with Stephen. Mel did a few talks across the U.K. to raise awareness to others who are going through a similar situation and to promote the book. In the autobiography, she declared that the split left her with less than $1000 and that her $100 million fortune was controlled by Belafonte, per The Telegraph.