Georgia Fowler Pulls Down Jeans In Sexy New Instagram Videos

Georgia Fowler shared a couple of sexy new Instagram videos with her fans today. She was seen getting flirty in some Calvin Klein outtakes, as she unzipped and pulled down her jeans. The first photo of the set was a still image from the shoot. It was a super close-up photo of Fowler’s lips, which glowed thanks to the glossy lipstick. She smiled slightly for the shot. The backdrop was a green screen.

The second part was a black-and-white video. The stunner was seen wearing a white sports bra with a large, white band that read “Calvin Klein” at the bottom. She also wore matching bottoms, with the same branded elastic on her waist. She wore her hair slicked back behind her ears.

The model was first seen rolling onto her back on the ground, as she extended her arms above her. The clip then cut to a close-up of Georgia’s lips, before it quickly shifted to a shot of her hips. The bombshell was seen laying on her left side, as her pants fell down her hips. Then, the Victoria’s Secret Angel was seen tugging onto her jeans with her hands, as she pulled them down. This time, she was seen posing on her back as she braced herself with her feet and tugged on her pants.

The third part was a video in color, which was cropped in such a way that only her midriff and hips were seen. Georgia was seen unzipping her pants as she revealed the white bottoms. She appeared to be wearing a white top, which she pushed up to reveal her midriff. Behind her was a bright green screen.

Fans gushed about the model in the comments section.

“Oh. my. gosh. wow,” said a follower.

“Or ‘off-takes,’ as the case may be. Delightful!” wrote an admirer, making a pun.

“In My mind they’re not outtakes. You are so fine!” raved a fan.

“Perfect lips. My fav part of a woman…, wrote a fourth Instagram user.

Previously, the Victoria’s Secret model shared another update of herself rocking lingerie. She opted for a bright pink ensemble this time, as she posed next to large windows with an impressive city view. Georgia stood in front of a mirror as she braced herself with her right arm while holding the photo with her left hand for the selfie. The bra was salmon pink, while the bottoms were light pink. Her hair was down in soft waves.