Tracee Ellis Ross Tantalizes Instagram With Sizzling-Hot Snap In Neon Yellow Bra

Actress Tracee Ellis Ross, daughter of musical legend Diana Ross, tantalized her 7.2 million Instagram followers with a sizzling hot snap in which she rocked a neon yellow bra.

The simple snap was a close-up shot that focused on certain parts of Tracee’s body. Her hair was done in braids, and though the top of her head was cropped out of the shot, her braids were visible as they trailed down her neck. Her skin looked flawless in the shot, and she paired her glowing skin with nude lips. She accentuated her stunning eyes with a thick liner that drew attention to them while gazing down at the camera from a slightly elevated angle. The photo was so close-up that fans could even see the beauty mark near one of her eyes.

While Tracee often shares wild outfits with her Instagram followers and is never afraid to take a sartorial risk, her clothing in this particular picture was quite minimal. The actress appeared to be wearing a neon yellow lace bra and little else. The bombshell’s body was cropped in the photo, with just a hint of her cleavage visible. The straps of the bra dug into her shoulders slightly, and she leaned forward a bit, her arms reaching out in front of her as she posed for the camera.

Tracee’s followers couldn’t get enough of the smoking-hot shot, and the post received over 133,700 likes within just nine hours, including a like from celebrity foodie Ayesha Curry.

She posed a simple question in the caption of the post, and many of her fans filled the comments section with praise and thoughts on her beauty.

“My weekend was good now that I see your beautiful face my future wife lol,” one follower said, responding to the question she posed in the caption.

“It was as beautiful as you are,” another fan commented.

“Incredible! Serving looks on a monday,” a third admirer stated.

Another follower was experiencing a brighter day after seeing Tracee’s post, commenting that “Monday just got better, saw you.”

The actress often shares photos that show off her natural beauty, whether that means her natural hair texture or her bare face with no makeup on. She’s also not afraid to post a throwback from time to time. Earlier this month, as The Inquisitr reported, the beauty shared a picture of herself that was taken when she was in her 20s. She looks like a totally different person in the picture, although she’s just as stunning now as she was back then.