Jon Gosselin Says His Marriage To Kate Would Have Failed Even Without Reality TV: 'Personality Disorders'

Jon Gosselin says reality TV is not to blame for the end of his 10-year marriage to his ex-wife Kate Gosselin. In a new TV interview, the former Jon and Kate Plus 8 star says his marriage to the mother of his eight children would have likely ended -- even if they never had their TLC reality show -- due to her alleged personality issues.

Jon and Kate introduced the world to their eight kids --Mady, Cara, Aeden, Alexis, Collin, Hannah, Joel, and Leah -- in 2007 on the reality show Jon and Kate Plus 8. Two years, millions of dollars, and many TLC specials later, their split was documented on the series before Kate continued on in a solo spinoff, Kate Plus 8.

In an interview on The Dr. Oz Show, Jon made it clear that his 10-year gag order on his divorce has been lifted as he talked about his nonexistent relationship with his wife a decade after their tabloid-worthy split. Jon told the show's host, Dr. Mehmet Oz, that he has absolutely "no relationship" with Kate following their acrimonious split. Jon also revealed that he doesn't talk to Kate and the only time he ever sees his ex-wife is in court. He added that they have completely different styles when it comes to raising their kids.

"We've exhausted all opportunities to co-parent," Jon told Dr. Oz, per People. "It's just never going to happen, due to personality disorders and everything else. We just have different aspects on how we want to parent."

Jon went on to explain that he believes Kate, 44, has a narcissistic personality disorder and that he responds in a "passive-aggressive" manner.

While Jon admitted that filming the TLC show "absolutely" hurt his marriage, he still thinks it would have never lasted between him and Kate.

"It's hard to live in a hypothetical, but I think eventually, because of personality, it would have fizzled out anyway," Jon explained. "First of all, I got married at 22 years old, and you just don't know."

Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin of TLC
Getty Images | Thos Robinson

On Instagram, viewers reacted to Jon's TV tell-all in the comments section to a post about his Dr. Oz appearance. Some fans praised the divorced dad -- who currently has custody of 15-year-old siblings Hannah and Collin -- for "protecting" his children. Others felt that neither Jon or Kate have the best interest of their kids in mind as they continue to publicly bash one another in interviews.

Last week, Kate issued a statement in which she refused to "respond to Jon's delusional ramblings," but vowed that she will soon tell the "truth" about what happened to her family.