Lil' Kim Cements Fashion Icon Status In Miniskirt & Metallic Boots

Lil' Kim is known for being a fashion icon and has cemented that status with her latest Instagram posts. The "No Matter What They Say" hitmaker shared numerous photos of herself in an eye-catching ensemble and proved that she's still got it.

Kim wore a long-sleeved low-cut white T-shirt with a black bra underneath, pairing it with a miniskirt with tassels hanging off it. She rocked the look with zipped-up silver metallic boots and accessorized with a chain. The "How Many Licks" songstress held a small handbag and sported her dark curly locks down.

In a series of photos, Kim is standing next to her boyfriend, The Great, a rapper who goes by the username "@thegreat_leader" on Instagram. In the first shot, she is in front of him where she posed directly to the camera. In the second, the couple was snapped from a different angle. Kim looked over her shoulder at her partner while they both smiled at each other.

In her caption, she mentioned that she was on her way to New York while her boyfriend was going to Atlanta. She expressed that she was missing him at the time of posting and hinted that she might have to move to Atlanta to be around him more often.

She geotagged the location with Los Angeles, Calfornia, where the two were flying out from.

In the span of a couple of days, her post racked up more than 81,000 likes and over 1,300 comments, proving to be popular with Kim's 2.8 million followers.

"ICON LEGEND THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! MY MOM AND COUSIN RAISED ME ON YOUR MUSIC! I love you so much Kim you have no idea. YOU MEAN SO MUCH TO ME. You are a pioneer and iconic! THANK YOU I used to sit behind my mom while she played you with my hand on the headrest like I was driving YOU MEAN SO MUCH TO ME! You are truly someone I admire to the pen expires," one user wrote passionately.

"I love the happiness I see in you. It's well deserved," another follower shared.

"I'm so happy love found its way back to you again," a third fan remarked.

In a recent interview on The Real, Kim turned up to the show with The Great in the audience. She spoke about the passing of her father and how her boyfriend has been by her side ever since the news broke.

Kim wore a chain with her dad's face on it, which her partner gifted her, per The Inquisitr.