Sierra Skye Shows Off Her Shapely Behind In New Instagram Photo

Sierra Skye is leaving little to the imagination with her latest Instagram update. The stunning blonde shows off her derrière, almost in its entirety, in the new post.

With one hand pressed against an outside wall, the stunner models a pair of what appear to be new Nike sneakers at the ends of her unbelievably long and toned legs.

Based on her shoutout to the custom art company Not Geeks in the photo caption, it appears the company designed the unique purple pattern on her shoes.

Clothing-wise, Sierra has opted for the “less is more” option. In this shot, her panties are little more than a black string wrapped around her shapely hips.

Due to the sexy nature of her pose, she is seen flaunting her toned behind and her deeply bronzed skin. The stark white of her tiny crop top adds a nice contrast to Sierra’s tan.

As if the itty-bitty thong wasn’t enough to appease her followers, Sierra also let her barely there shirt slip off her shoulder to flash even more skin.

To further tease her 4.1 million followers, Sierra stares right at the camera with a sex-kitten pout on her pretty face.

The bombshell chose to accessorize with a simple silver ring and a matching bracelet. It looks like Sierra also got a fresh french manicure recently, too. Her dirty blond hair falls in beachy waves down her shoulder blades in this sizzling snapshot.

All in all, the Instagram model is clearly having fun in her new shoes and sexy attire. In the brief caption for the post, Sierra makes it clear that she’s full of self-confidence.

Sierra’s fans took to the comments section with tons of compliments, many giving up gratitude for such a beautiful Monday afternoon gift.

“Sweeeeeet….gorgeous lovely beauty,” commented one user.

“How can someone be so flawlesss,” questioned another fan.

“A heavenly body from a different solar system! So absolutely gorgeous!” a third fan wrote, adding a plethora of flame and heart emoji to their comment.

“I didn’t even notice she was wearing shoes,” added a cheeky fourth fan, one who clearly missed the point of the post in favor of admiring Sierra’s incredible body.

A few days ago, The Inquisitr reported on another photo from Sierra, one in which she can be seen sporting a gorgeous black dress with a plunging neckline. The model showed off some deep cleavage and rocked a high ponytail in that image, much to the delight of her many followers.