Tuesday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers Tease Good News For Elizabeth As 'Drew' Explains His Decision

General Hospital spoilers suggest that this could be a big week for fans of Elizabeth Webber Baldwin and Franco Baldwin, as she will seemingly move one step closer to getting her husband back. For weeks now, viewers have watched as Franco clung to the idea of living with Drew Cain's memories after the transplant procedure. Now, however, he is changing direction.

Elizabeth desperately tried everything she could think of to keep "Drew" in Port Charles and have the procedure that might restore Franco's true memories. However, he insisted that he was leaving town with Dr. Kim Nero, but a revealing talk with his father, Scott Baldwin, caused him to pause and rethink his plans.

"Drew" went to Kim's place where she was expecting that they would leave town together. As viewers saw during Monday's show, he explained to her that he had decided to stay.

Scott's talk had the impact he'd been hoping for, and "Drew" has come to feel that he has no right to take away Franco's life. He plans to stay in Port Charles to piece things together, although it seems likely that viewers will see Kim leave town for good later in the week.

Fans were left hanging at the end of Monday's episode as Franco headed to Elizabeth's house. General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek for the next show reveal that "Drew" will tell Elizabeth the same sort of thing he told Kim and mentioned at the docks with Jason — that this life he is living belongs to Franco.

Soap Central hints that Elizabeth may be rather stunned to hear what "Drew" is about to tell her. She had been desperate for him to agree to the memory transplant reversal, but she had come to believe that "Drew" simply would never agree to it.

Now that he is sticking around town and seemingly trying to recover Franco's memories and life, it seems he has some additional visits to make. For example, General Hospital spoilers note that he will spend time with Monica Quartermaine later in the week.

Monica had become quite close to this version of "Drew," especially with the real Drew presumed dead. It sounds likely that Monica will struggle when she learns that she may essentially lose him again if the procedure is successful.

A lot still needs to happen before Elizabeth, Franco and her boys can go back to living a happy family life together. General Hospital spoilers tease that the next couple of weeks should have major forward progress coming for them. However, it also sounds as if it may take a bit longer for Elizabeth to truly have her real husband back again.