FBI Shoots Down Rumor That Josh Duggar's Home And Business Were Raided As Part Of Investigation

Josh Duggar is apparently not in hot water with the feds, despite the rumors spreading around the internet.

After some viral reports that the former 19 Kids and Counting star had his home and businesses raided, Radar Online reached out to the FBI in Arkansas to confirm whether Duggar was under investigation. Despite the FBI's reputation for being tight-lipped about investigations or potential investigations — leaning on the "neither confirm nor deny" response to many requests about cases — the department in this case shot down the rumors.

"We were not involved in any kind of law enforcement action," an agent told the celebrity news and gossip outlet. "I can confirm we were not there."

The outlet also reached out to local law enforcement, though did not yet get a response from the Washington County Sheriff's Office or the Springdale Police Department. It was not exactly clear what kind of investigation Duggar was alleged to be facing, or if the alleged raid was related to his previous legal troubles. The Duggar family lost their lucrative reality television show in 2015 after a police report emerged that Duggar had fondled underage girls while he was a minor.

Duggar has been embroiled in more scandal since then. He was exposed as a member of the infidelity-encouraging dating site Ashley Madison when the names and personal information of members were leaked in 2015.

But before the now-discredited rumors about an FBI raid, it appeared that the Duggar family had moved beyond the drama. Duggar's wife, Anna Duggar, said in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight that she believed her husband had been redeemed, and the entire family had settled into a quieter life away from the spotlight. Neither Duggar nor anyone else from the Duggar family had publicly commented on the reports of the FBI raid at the time of writing.

As InTouch Weekly reported, the denial from the FBI has not stopped Duggar fans from speculation about a potential investigation into Duggar. There were a number of comments speculating that the family had sent their children to visit cousin Amy Duggar while the raid was taking place, noting that family members shared pictures from a visit to their new baby cousin, Daxton Ryan. Others actually left comments on a post from parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar wishing Justin Duggar a happy birthday. The rumors still appeared to have legs across social media, with the FBI's denial not reaching a number of fans who saw the original reports.