Megan Thee Stallion Flaunts Her Booty & Her Confidence For The Cover of 'i-D Magazine'

Megan Thee Stallion made no apologies for her sultry style, landing on the cover of i-D Magazine in a barely-there, not-so-booty-covering pleated skirt. She also shared the images on Instagram.

For the cover, the "Hot Girl Summer" rapper, who was decked out in a black Maison Alaïa bra and skirt combination, posed for the camera head-on, while the audience got a glimpse of her body from the side. In the winning shot, she popped out her derrière, which the skirt scarcely managed to cover. She wore her jet-black hair long, down and stick-straight, with just a tiny flare at the bottom. Her wrists dripped in diamonds from celebrity jeweler Jacob & Co., while she sported a huge rock on her pinky finger.

The black-and-white image accentuated her makeup and nails. Her eyeshadow sparkled, while her pout was painted perfectly in a slight ombre hue. While the majority of her nails were lacquered in a gorgeous light color, only her pinky nails were painted a different, darker color — perhaps to help the diamond ring on her right finger pop.

In the article, Megan made no bones about showing off her trademark sexy, barely-there attire.

"I'm from Texas and I've always been a big fan of booty shorts and crop tops. I've never got any clothes on," she said. "It's literally how I dress and nobody can make me change if I don't want to."

In another image from the article — the first in the series she posted on Instagram — Megan rocked a tiny bikini top that showed some serious cleavage, as well as some serious underboob. She also wore skintight denim hot pants — as the Inquisitr recently reported, Megan Thee Stallion is a fan of the short shorts look — as well as a luxurious faux fur shawl that draped over her raised arms. In this picture, her straight hair is slightly wind-blown, and she looks up and off to the side. She stretched her arms up to reveal just a hint of a sparkly belly button piercing, which landed right above the waist of her shorts.

Megan also shared a video taken of the photoshoot, in which it's possible to tell that the shawl is made up of brown fur, the string bikini top is cream-colored and her denim shorts have nearly nude sides. You can also see her knee-high boots.

Megan frequently displays her bold assets with confidence. She flaunts them every which way, from twerking on stage to her many NSFW Instagram photos.