Michael Jackson Once Asked Teen Idol Leif Garrett 'What It's Like' To Masturbate, New Book Claims

Michael Jackson once asked teen idol Leif Garrett about masturbation, Garrett claims in his new book. The 58-year-old "I Was Made for Dancing" singer recounted the story in his memoir, Idol Truth, and then elaborated on it in a recent radio interview.

Garrett, who was dressed in a heavy blue overcoat, glasses, and a hat for the interview, told SiriusXM hosts Jim Norton and Sam Roberts that in the 1970s, he didn't know that fellow teen stars Kristy McNichol and Jodie Foster were gay because it just wasn't talked about back then. Garrett added he didn't know that Michael Jackson was gay at first, either.

When asked point-blank if he believes the late "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" singer was gay, Garrett said, "Yeah."

Garrett went on to explain that during Michael's heyday with the Jackson 5, he did a television show with him in Switzerland and that the "ABC" singer allegedly approached him with a bizarre question.

"He asked me what it was like to masturbate," Garrett said of Jackson. "I told him 'You can find out for yourself.' I wasn't going to show him."

The singer revealed that he does feel that Jackson was trying to set something up with him. He got the feeling that Jackson was asking for more than just masturbation tips, but he shut it down fast.

Garrett estimated the year of the incident was 1978, five years before Jackson's "Thriller" fame." Garrett, who was then a fixture on the cover of teen magazines such as Tiger Beat, would have been 17-years-old at the time, while Jackson would have been 20.

Garrett explained that when he was a young, long-haired teen star, every "chicken hawk" and "kid toucher" wanted a part of him.

"They all wanted to get to know me better. They all wanted to hang out, to take quaaludes," he said. "They just liked how I looked."

Garrett did not mention any names, but just referred to "older guys" who allegedly hit on him. He said he quickly learned who to avoid in the industry and noted that his mom, Carolyn Stellar, was "a little too trusting."

A preview of Garrett's book on Amazon.com reveals that there is a chapter titled "Masturbation," which includes the Michael Jackson story. There is a subsequent chapter titled "Losing My Virginity," and many others that name-drop Garrett's famous friends, including John Belushi, Joe Perry, Justine Bateman, and more.

Leif Garrett's memoir was released earlier this month, and he has been making the interview rounds to promote it.