Bella Thorne Opens Up About Polyamory: 'It Really Depends On Finding The Right Mesh Of Two People'

Bella Thorne revealed what it takes to make a polyamorous relationship work.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, the actress, who is pansexual, opened up about both the beauty and the pitfalls of being in a relationship with more than one person. As she explained, the two partners of one person have to get along themselves in order for the relationship to be successful -- and that's not always so easy.

"Obviously, dating two people at once is a little difficult," she admitted. "... If you're gonna date a guy and a girl at the same time, those people have to really f*ck with each other. Or literally f*ck with each other. You know what I'm saying? It's like, it really depends on finding the right mesh of two people."

Though Thorne is currently in a monogamous relationship with boyfriend Benjamin Moscolo, she was previously in a polyamorous relationship with rapper Mod Sun and YouTube star Tana Mongeau, as The Inquisitr previously reported. During their relationship, the three frequently documented their three-way romance on Instagram -- particularly Thorne, who referred to herself, Mongeau, and Mod Sun as a "throuple."

As Thorne revealed to the magazine, she is "always trying to find ways to make [a polyamorous relationship] work" because being in a relationship with multiple people makes her happy, and being happy is her top priority right now.

She revealed that not everyone is here for the idea of an open relationship, and that's okay. She also said that she's had partners who were initially hesitant, but quickly had a change of heart.

"A lot of people are actually down and it totally changes their mind. At first they're like, gasp, 'How do you even do that?'" Thorne explained. "And then we talk it through and they're like, 'Wow, that actually sounds kind of beautiful.'"

Thorne and Mongeau confirmed their relationship across social media in September 2017, posting numerous PDA shots and many romantic captions about each other. In October 2018, they opened up their relationship, and Thorne started dating rapper Mod Sun, which she again commemorated with many Instagram posts. However, in February 2019, Thorne and Mongeau called it quits. Their breakup was amicable enough, with things only getting rocky after Mongeau announced her engagement to YouTube influencer Jake Paul. (Thorne and Mongeau have since made up and are now friends.)

Her breakup with Mod Sun, however, was a lot more drama-filled, according to Refinery29. The messiness played out across social media into the summer of 2019, with the two posting screenshots of their text messages on Twitter. The rapper even called the police on Thorne after she came to his house to get her belongings back.

The former Disney Channel star started dating Italian singer Moscolo this past April, just days after she announced her breakup with Mod Sun.