'General Hospital' Spoilers: Cameron Demands The Truth From Dev

It is looking to be a wild week on ABC's General Hospital. The soap has just released a new preview clip for the week of November 18 featuring lots of drama, intrigue, and ongoing secrets. One of the highlights will include the teen scene. Cameron is expected to somehow catch on that Dev isn't exactly who he claims to be.

In a curious spoiler put out by Soap Central that says Cameron will be demanding honesty, there was no indication on what exactly that was all about or who it was referring to. Now the preview clip has revealed that it is Dev who Cameron will be confronting about being honest. Dev has been living a lie ever since he ran from Turkey to the U.S. to seek Sonny Corinthos out. The mobster has taken the boy in and given him a new identity to keep him safe.

Outside of the Corinthos family, only Jasper Jacks knows Dev's story, and he is keeping it quiet, at least for now. It's not known exactly what situation will bring Cameron to question who Dev is, but the clip shows him asking Dev who he is if he isn't Sonny's cousin. Trina is also there with the boys, and it appears that they are having the confrontation at school.

There is no doubt that Cam will be worried about Josslyn since they are living in the same house. However, Joss has also been keeping Dev's secret and that may cause a little friction between the teens.

Sonny has had compassion for Dev and that is his motivation for helping him. Unfortunately, those who are keeping the secret will be in hot water if his true identity is revealed. General Hospital fans will have to wait to see how Dev will handle Cam's questions. There is a possibility that Josslyn will walk in during the confrontation and save Dev from having to tell the truth.

Cam just recently got a talking to from Sonny about him and Joss getting drunk at the Halloween party last month. The teen has been on the brink of getting into more trouble since his recent heartbreak about losing Franco. It appears that he wants to stay on the right track, but his anger seems to get the best of him at times. Being lied to by Dev and Joss may just set him off once again.

This week on General Hospital may have a few of the many secrets in Port Charles revealing themselves in unexpected ways.