Britney Spears Goes Braless And Plays With Puppies In Instagram Video

Britney Spears recently treated her adoring fans to an entertaining video starring two adorable pooches. On Sunday, the 37-year-old took to Instagram to show her followers how much she loves spending time with her furry "babies." She went sans bra for the mini home movie.

For her latest video, Britney rocked a white, floral-print sundress. It was a wrap-style maxi dress, and it featured a deep V-neck that almost went all the way down to the tie around her waist. Her chest area was completely bare and exposed, making it obvious that she was going braless. Britney completed her summery look with a pair of teal Birkenstock sandals.

Britney accessorized with two gold charm necklaces. One of the charms was a small flower, and the other was a tiny cross. For her beauty look, the singer sported a smoky eye and a coral lip.

At the beginning of the fun home movie, Britney stands in front of the camera and lightly pulls on the neckline of her feminine, breezy dress. She then crosses her arms and spins around. The video cuts to some footage of Britney laughing and walking toward the camera, followed by a few shots of the pop star gazing into the camera with a small smile on her lips. She laughs and messes with her long, blond hair, which is tumbling down over her shoulders in beachy waves.

The video eventually cuts to footage of Britney Spears playing with two cute puppies. One of these is the fluffy white Maltese that made an appearance in one of her previous videos. The second small dog has long, brown fur. It appears to be a Yorkshire terrier.

Britney scoops the Yorkie up in her arms and spins around in front of the camera as she laughs. In another cute scene, she lies down on the stone floor of the outdoor balcony where she and her furry friends are hanging out. She lifts the Yorkie up in the air above her head as the Maltese looks on and wags its tail. The video ends with a shot of Britney standing up and holding the Maltese against her chest as she scratches the content canine through its thick fur.

Britney added a jaunty French tune to the video, and the music was the perfect match for its fun, playful vibe.

Britney's Spears' loyal followers clearly enjoyed her latest post, showering it with love in the form of hundreds of heart emoji and over 70,000 likes in less than an hour. One of the likes came from Britney's boyfriend, Sam Asghari.

Many of Britney's fans also let her know how thrilled they were to see her looking so happy.

"Seeing you happy makes me smile," wrote one fan. "You deserve the world."