Cindy Kimberly Licks Frosting As She Celebrates Her 21st Birthday

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Cindy Kimberly is celebrating her 21st birthday and shared a sneak peek of her party with her Instagram fans. One photo showed her licking frosting off her finger, as she stood behind a three-tiered birthday cake. Cindy wore a furry, light blue jacket with white accents throughout. She slicked her hair back in a high ponytail and was seen accessorizing with a pair of sunglasses perched on the top of her forehead.

The model also sported Chanel earrings, along with shimmery makeup. Her lips popped thanks to the gloss. She leaned slightly forward for the shot, while two men held the cake up in front of her. In the picture, her jacket has slipped off her left shoulder, while her a sparkling necklace peeked through.

The cake was made up of three, circular tiers. It was white and tastefully decorated with rainbow sprinkles. There were pink and white candles on top. The candles were already blown out by the time someone took the picture Cindy posted.

Behind the stunner were party attendees, many of them held up their phones to capture the moment. One woman stood watching with her hands clasped in front of her, while someone else looked down at their DSLR camera.

Fans poured in with a variety of messages, although most people stuck to sending Cindy happy birthday wishes.

“Happy f*cking birthday Cindy Kimberly you stunning queen ilysm,” gushed a follower.

“Hope it was everything you wished for and more <3,” wrote an admirer.

Others made a game out of the photo.

“Tag yourself, I’m the frosting on her index finger,” joked a fan.

“Tag yourself I’m that lady in the back,” said a fourth Instagram user.

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Cindy’s actual birthday was on November 16, so these photos might be a day old. The cake photo seemed to capture a fun party vibe, as the model also noted in another Instagram update that she had her first taste of alcohol during the party. If Cindy likes to party, it’s something that she hasn’t necessarily broadcast on her social media page. But now that she’s 21-years-old, perhaps she’ll be more open about sharing her social life with her fans.

Prior to her birthday, the bombshell also showed off her playful side in a set of Halloween-related updates. In one post, she showed off her glam outfit, but with a twist: she had painted blood stains on her neck and top. At the same time, Cindy rocked a bedazzled choker necklace with tassels, which decorated her chest. She also wore glittering drop earrings, as well as a blond wig. She kept things sultry with deep red lipstick and shimmery purple eyeshadow.