'World's Most Beautiful Girl' Thylane Blondeau Has A Juul In Fresh-Faced Selfie, And Fans Are Not Happy

French bombshell Thylane Blondeau, who was once dubbed the "most beautiful girl in the world," stunned her fans with a new selfie in which she wore ripped jeans and no makeup. However, fans quickly took umbrage to the fact that she was holding a Juul electronic cigarette in her hand.

The model looked fresh-faced in her latest shot, letting her natural beauty shine through. Her hair was pulled back and seemed slightly damp. A number of escaped wisps of hair beautifully framed her face.

The natural look could be because the stunner was getting ready for a photoshoot, as she took the selfie in a mirror on top of a vanity. Several beauty products — including hair spray and beige nail polish — were visible in the reflection.

For her attire, Thylane wore a black and white patterned short-sleeve collared shirt. The image on the shirt appeared to be inspired by natural landscapes and included the image of lion, a cactus, a mountain range shrouded in clouds and leaves. A bright orange ribbon, the only pop of color in the ensemble, hung from the hem.

Thylane completed the look with a pair of faded black skinny jeans. The jeans featured a tear at her left knee, exposing some leg to the camera.

In keeping with the monochromatic color scheme, her iPhone case was a gunmetal grey color.

The snapshot earned over 77,000 likes in under 24 hours, in addition to a number of glowing compliments.

"This look is so you... love it," raved a fan, adding several red hearts.

"You're such a magnificent person, Thylane, you're unreal," sweetly added another.

However, some eagle-eyed fans spotted a Juul in Thylane's right hand and quickly voiced their disappointment.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the vaping device has been allegedly causing illness and even death, particularly among teenagers. It is the subject of an FBI criminal probe.

The fact that Thylane has a social media following of over 3.2 million fans means that the brunette beauty has a large platform, and users scolded the model for appearing to promote the potentially dangerous product.

"Hope you're not vaping," wrote in one fan, with a tearful emoji face.

"Oh my God, stop with the Juul," echoed another disgruntled follower.

Thylane's comment feed was peppered with even more comments that slammed her vaping habits. At the time of writing, she hadn't replied to any of them.

The return to her modeling gigs comes after Thylane took several days off to spend time at Disneyland Paris. As previously covered by The Inquisitr, the brunette beauty received a magical kiss in the most picture-perfect location.