November 17, 2019
John Stamos Shares Photos Of Lori Loughlin And The Rest Of The 'Fuller House' Gang As The Show Comes To An End

The Full House reboot show, Fuller House, is officially coming to an end, as they just wrapped up the final day of shooting on Friday. As a tribute to the show, actor John Stamos, who played Jesse Katsopolis on the show, posted a series of photos to Instagram. The photos features his television wife, disgraced actress Lori Loughlin, as well as the rest of the gang, according to Yahoo News.

In a lengthy caption, Stamos expressed his sadness over the show coming to an end and his gratitude toward all those who made the reboot possible. After all, it was not an easy process getting a network to pick up the series.

"The end of an era...again. Last night was final taping of @FullerHouse. When every single network and streamer said no to a Full House re-boot, (and I mean ALL of them) @netflix said yes! And they were kind enough to let us play for five seasons! That's a a lot of seasons for a Netflix show now a days, but not nearly enough for us. Regardless, we are grateful. I am especially grateful to the cast and crew for keeping the legacy alive and adding so much love to it."
The first episode of Fuller House aired in February of 2016. The show initially starred quite a few of the original cast members, who played their same characters, just older versions of them. In addition to Loughlin and Stamos, Andrea Barber, who played Kimmy Gibbler; Jodie Sweetin, who played Stephanie Tanner; Candace Cameron Burr, who played D.J. Tanner; Bob Saget, who played Danny Tanner; and Dave Coulier, who played Joey Gladstone, also starred in the reboot.

Loughlin was not a part of the recent filming for the show and will not be in any of the new episodes. This is due to her current embroilment in the ongoing college admissions scandal, which law enforcement is referring to as Operation: Varsity Blues.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, have been accused of paying Rick Singer, the ringleader of the scandal, $500,000 to ensure their daughters, Olivia Jade and Isabella, a spot at the University of Southern California. They also allegedly tried to falsely present the girls as rowing crew recruits despite the fact that neither girl ever played the sport.

Loughlin and Giannulli have pleaded not guilty to the charges against them and face what could be decades behind bars if they are convicted.