‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Star Nicole Lopez-Alvar Puts On Tight Silver Pants

Nicole Lopez-Alvar takes a selfie.
Nicole Lopez-Alvar / Instagram

Nicole Lopez-Alvar from Bachelor in Paradise kept things sizzling on her Instagram page with a brand new update of herself in a tight pair of pants. The reality TV star was seen posing in front of a colorful backdrop, as she rocked silver pants with a high waist. She paired it with a long-sleeved, black shirt, which featured sheer sleeves with black polka-dots throughout. She also wore her hair down for the occasion, which she brushed over her right shoulder.

The first photo showed Nicole standing with her left leg popped out. She placed her right hand on her hips and played with her hair with her other hand. She tilted her head slightly to the left and pursed her lips. The second photo was similar, except Nicole placed her hands in her pockets and on her upper thighs. She looked straight at the camera and smiled with her lips closed. The reality TV star completed her look with a pair of black strappy sandals, while her dark red manicure and pedicure peeked through.

The backdrop included a muted orange wall, which was decorated with a red neon sign that read, “GOOD TIMES.” This was decorated with dried flowers on either side. A white chair could be seen on the left side with a square throw pillow. On the other side, there was a leafy plant in a white pot.

There was also a third video in the post, which showed the stunner trying on a completely different outfit. She opted for a long-sleeved black dress with a long skirt. It also had a turtleneck. And although the ensemble had a conservative cut, it hugged all of Nicole’s curves. The BIP star was seen exuding confidence as she walked towards the camera and danced around.

Fans left tons of compliments for Nicole in the comments section.

“TEACH US YOUR WAYS,” gushed a follower.



“Okay but like why are you so freaking gorgeous,” asked a fan.

“Legs that go on forever!! You’re wearin’ it well!!” raved a fourth Instagram user, who seemingly loved the silver pants.

Previously, the bombshell shared another social media update where she flaunted her figure. She was seen sitting at a table at a restaurant in a pink, off-the-shoulder dress. It was bright pink with blue floral accents throughout and featured ruffles along the top. Nicole wore her hair down in a middle part and posed while crossing her right leg in front.