Jets Lowering Ticket Prices

The Jets plan to make tickets cheaper next year

After a disastrous 2012 season the New York Jets are lowering ticket prices on some seating sections for the 2013 season. The move is likely an attempt to keep New York in the league’s top five in attendance as maintain fan interest.

The Jets lowering ticket prices could seen be a way to offset New York’s inability to sign free agents. The team has very little cap room to bring in new starters like recently released Elvis Dumervil, and should be starting a rebuilding period.

Specifics of the Jets new ticket prices will effect roughly 3,000 season ticket holders in the upper decks of MetLife stadium. The cost of tickets per game will drop from $75 to $50. Some seats in an area called coaches club will become parts of the lower prime club. The change will drop prices from $700 per ticket to $250.

As an added incentive to retain season-ticket holders, the Jets will allow them to enter into a lottery for Super Bowl tickets. The Super Bowl will be held in New York next year.

The change will not effect every seat in MetLife stadium. For a majority of the seats, prices will remain the same. The Jets average almost 80,000 patrons per game, a number that rose slightly from 78,000 to 79,000 over the previous year.

Some might argue the move by the Jets to lower ticket prices is a move to avoid television blackouts. When teams don’t sell out their home games, the NFL blacks out the game in the local market. Because New York is such a major media market though, the local television networks would likely buy the leftover tickets to avoid losing advertising money.


Interestingly enough, the Jets lowered ticket prices for the 2012 season. The price changes were similar to the recently announced ones. New York is now adding more seats to the lowered prices.The increase in attendance may be a reason New York is lowering ticket prices again.

Are you surprised the Jets are lowering ticket prices? Do you think they need to?