‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Reveals Why She Didn’t Want Her Episode Of ’16 And Pregnant’ Played

Chelsea HouskaInstagram

The cast of Teen Mom 2 have been sharing their lives on the hit MTV reality show for years, starting with their episodes of 16 and Pregnant. Recently, Chelsea Houska revealed that she called MTV before her episode aired and wanted them to “not even play” it. As it turns out, her reasoning had to do with some negative comments that she read online prior to the airing of her episode. Chelsea made the revelation while talking to the Don’t Tell Mom podcast, which is available via YouTube.

She explained the situation to the hosts of the podcast.

“I remember when I first started the show, my episode was about to air and someone had put an article about the next girl that was going to be on 16 and Pregnant or something and I remember going through the comments,” she said.

While she didn’t specifically say what the comments said, she did reveal that she called both her dad and MTV after reading them.

“I remember calling my dad crying. I called MTV and I wanted them to not even play my episode because it scared me so badly. I didn’t know. I wasn’t prepared for that part. It took some getting used to,” Chelsea said.

The mom-of-three revealed that she is “sensitive” and simply wants people to like her. Of course, over the years, Chelsea Houska and her husband, Cole DeBoer, have become fan favorites on the show. Fans love following them on social media and seeing the many updates that Chelsea often posts of her family.

On the podcast, Chelsea admitted that her following is “supportive” and that her fans are “really sweet.” She acknowledged that some of her castmates get hit “pretty hard” when it comes to online commenters and that she feels “really bad” for them.

While the majority of comments on Chelsea’s social media posts are overwhelmingly positive, she has dealt with negativity in the past and has even been mom shamed on social media for some of her parenting choices.

Back in August, Chelsea shared a photo of her oldest daughter, Aubree, ready for school. The photo showed Aubree looking all grown up and ready for her first day of school wearing a plaid dress and hoop earrings. It was the hoop earrings on Aubree’s ears that sparked some concern from Chelsea’s followers who felt the hoops were too big for the 10-year-old’s ears. Chelsea didn’t engage with the negativity, though.