Jojo Babie Lays On Her Stomach At The Beach In A Thong Bodysuit

Jojo Babie takes a selfie.
Jojo Babie / Instagram

Jojo Babie shared a new Instagram update today, as she showed off her famous booty in a thong bodysuit. The ensemble was a dark forest green and left her derriere on display. The stunner was seen posing on her stomach at the beach, as she propped her head up with her arms. Jojo also bent her knees and posed with her ankles in the air, all while curving her back to accentuate her assets. The model raised her head and looked down to her right, while her long hair fell down the left side of her body in-between her arms. Her blonde highlights could be seen. She extended her arms in front of her for the shot.

Due to the angle of her pose, it was hard to see the front cut of the ensemble. However, considering that her shoulders were bare, it looked like the bodysuit had halter-like straps. The Instagram sensation was seen enjoying a stretch of sandy beach, with rocky formations in the backdrop. This included a short cliff. She appeared to be right next to a road, as there were a couple of yellow road signs and light poles in the backdrop.

Plus, the shot appeared to be taken on a sunny day, as Jojo’s skin glowed in the light. A part of her face was cast in the shadows, while the visible sky was blue with no clouds to be seen.

Her many fans flooded the comments section, with many likely motivated to become the winner, who gets a DM from Jojo. People described what they would do if they found her washed up on shore.

“Beg God forgiveness for daring to doubt that prayers can be answered,” wrote a follower.

“Set free back in the Ocean,” suggested a fan.

“Run to be the first to be there, because hundreds off men and woman would want to save her to,” said an admirer.

“You what….. I’ll stand there and DO SOMETHING!” exclaimed a fourth Instagram user.


Plus, last month, Jojo shared another photo of her baring her booty in a thong bodysuit. She posed on graffitied steps, and popped her right foot in front. The ensemble was black with sheer paneling on the sides, and the angle of the shot allowed her to flaunt all of her assets. She completed her look with a pair of black heels. Behind her was a colorful wall filled with graffiti. Jojo glanced over her shoulder and touched her hair.